Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Back into the flow

With the All Star game over, we now return to the regular stream of Previews, GameCasts, and Recaps on the site. 

I for one enjoyed the stuff we got to debate while no games were being played.  I got to call out Pujols for being a cheater (shockingly, there's still been no acceptance to the Every Day Test Challenge), Wittenmyer for being a Race-Baiter, and I was able to write the most ridiculous firesale article of my blogging life.

In a lot of ways this has been the most ambitious year that we've had at GROTA.  We've done Previews and Reviews in past seasons, but never so regularly and it's been mostly an exercise to see if we could.  (You may be shocked to learn that between working 9 to 5 jobs, getting married, having children, going to grad school, and general travel -- all things that have been happening to one or more Goat Rider this summer -- it's actually not so easy to produce daily content on a blog, especially as prolifically as we do, especially in a season that's tough to write about.) 

Anyway, I'm sure we'll keep on keepin' on, and thank you for reading the blog.  Without you guys we'd just be shouting into an empty room.

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