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The power of the no-trade clause

More nonstop Peavy action!

The San Diego Union-Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times are both reporting that Peavy could veto a trade to the Braves if it involves shortstop Yunel Escobar, the key player in the deal from their end. He and his agent worry that the Braves won't be competative if they give up too much major-league ready talent.

If that's the case, the Cubs are probably the frontrunners for Peavy's services. Towers has narrowed the list of teams down to the Cubs, Braves and Dodgers. The Dodgers would likely have to pay a premium to get the Padres to trade Peavy within the division. Hendry admits he made an offer but wouldn't offer specifics.

Kevin Hart is another player who could be available.

UPDATE: Jeff Passan of Yahoo! claims to have the package the Padres asked for:

The Padres have asked the Cubs for right-hander Jeff Samardzija as the headliner of a package that could include outfielder Felix Pie, pitcher Sean Marshall and infielder Ronny Cedeno. Other potential pieces, another source said, were pitcher Kevin Hart and minor-league pitcher Donnie Veal.


The inclusion of Samardzija – whose much-discussed no-trade clause is limited, according to a source – could motivate the Padres to complete a deal. As he left the general managers’ meetings in Dana Point, Calif., on Thursday, Padres GM Kevin Towers told a small group of reporters that he planned on trading Peavy before the winter meetings, which start Dec. 7.

Some non-Peavy stuff:

Has the issue of

Peavy's health been thoroughly investigated by the Cubs? We certainly don't need another starter that needs two weeks vacations between every couple starts.

What concerns me most is that the Cubs early playoff exits the last two years has had little to do with the pitching. If Hendry is concerned about Marshall not being able to fill Dempster's shoes, why isn't he concerned about balancing the lineup and getting a legit leadoff man and productive LH stick for RF?

If you remember, the Cubs went into 2008 with Z, Lilly and Marquis as givens, with only hopes that Dempster would produce and Lieber, Marshall and Gallagher competing for the 5th. spot.

Going into 2009, the Cubs have Z, Lilly, Harden and Marquis as givens and a more experienced Marshall and possible Samardzija as a 5th. starter.

WTF! Does Hendry have a clue as to what he's doing? Money spent on resigning Dempster or money spent and talent surrendered for Peavy with the caveat that Peavy's actually healthy, doesn't leave much money left to address the greater need of upgrading the offense.

Unless there is a pile of cash sitting around somewhere, Hendry's hot pursuit of Peavy is ass backwards as to what the Cubs real needs are..

Peavy is younger than

Peavy is younger than Dempster by a number of years, and Dempster has a history of arm problems, too.

Peavy is less expensive than Dempster will be by perhaps as much as 4 or 5 million dollars.

Peavy is a no-brainer. Besides, I'm sure you are aware that all trades require physicals before they are completed.

Oh that's right,

there has never been any history of clubs trading damaged goods. Why should I be so concerned?

I hope that if the Cubs do get Peavy, which of course I concur is a better pitcher than Dempster if healthy, that Hendry doesn't cry poor mouth that he has no money left. A deal for Peavy also depletes the Cubs slim talent pool for any further trades, like Hermidia or Roberts.

Again, Peavy will actually

Again, Peavy will actually make less money than Dempster next year. I would suspect it would be *more likely* that Hendry would cry "poor mouth" after signing Dempster.

One other thing - when's the last time Jim Hendry unknowingly traded for damaged goods? For that matter, when's the last time the CUBS unknowingly traded for damaged goods?

Ernie Broglio?

Dizzy Dean? Todd Hundley? Oh wait, he was just sucky.

You're telling me

that when you trade for a starter like Harden in mid-season, and he can't take his start every 5 days on at least 3 different occasions, that he was healthy? How about Garciapparra? What makes it worse is that you have a point Kurt, it wasn't unknowingly it was knowingly.

Still, when you look back at most good pitching organizations like Atlanta, they often used their 5th. spot in the rotation for one of their own youngsters.

I'm not trying to compare Marshall with Peavy but is it smart to gut the team of any youth so their only other option to upgrade the team is through free agents?

Maybe I am unfairly biased against Hendry and am way off base.

Exactly, Clute. The keyword

Exactly, Clute. The keyword is "unknowingly." The Cubs knew all about Harden, they knew all about Nomar, etc.

If we look at what the Cubs might resemble next year, Zambrano, Harden, and Peavy would all be 27 or 28. To have 3 pitchers of their caliber at that age would be amazing. Marquis and Lilly would be something like 30 and 32 respectively. Age-wise, having a 22, or 24 year-old pitcher with potential can only go so far, as opposed to having perhaps three of the best pitchers in baseball who are only 3 to 5 years older.

Basically what we're talking about here is having either Dempster or Peavy in the rotation next year ... on all levels, in all ways, Peavy is better than Dempster, and he's worth the prospects.

Valid point Kurt

about having three front of the order starters 28 and under, but unless you disagree with the premise that the Cubs past two offseasons were flops because of a poorly constructed offense, I feel the need for significant upgrades in the offense trump the value of adding Peavy instead of staying with Marshall or even possibly the Shark in the rotation.

Oh no, I'm aware that the

Oh no, I'm aware that the Cubs will be seeking to upgrade elsewhere, particularly in RF. There are two ways to do it - via trade or free agency, obviously. If the Cubs trade for Peavy, they will financially be in a better position to afford somebody else via free agency. If the Cubs bring back Dempster, they will financially be best suited to make a trade for a younger, less expensive - and possibly less talented - outfielder.

Or, the Cubs could trade for Peavy, re-sign Dempster, and deal Marquis, making Peavy an upgrade on Marquis for only 500k more in the coming season. But that's the talk of dreams.

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