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2010 Player Preview: Mike Fontenot

Mike Fontenot was unlucky last year. His batting average on balls in play was .276, down 75 points from his 2008 campaign and about 35 points below his career average. That means many of the ground balls and bloopers that fell through and/or in for singles in 2008 turned into outs in 2009, just by virtue of a couple of inches. Baseball is a cruel game.

If you assume Font gets back to his career batting average on balls in play next season, which is a reasonable assumption given his speed and decent power, you don't even have to assume he does a whole lot better in any other category for him to get back to about a league average hitter.

He's also shown a plus glove at second base in his career. And now Lou's even thinking he could back up short.

Call me crazy, but I think Fontenot will be a solid low-in-the-order hitter this year against righties. He'll get his 10-12 home runs in 400 or so at-bats (he had 9 in 377 last year), and play good defense in the meantime.

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