Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Koyie Hill

Three Finger
If the Season Preview article is meant to highlight each player's likely contribution to the team's 2010 performance, then Koyie Hill's article ought to be pretty short.

If it were another '09 recap, there'd be a lot more to say. Hill appeared in a whopping 83 games last season, collecting 253 at-bats in the process. He was pretty ungood on offense, posting a .237/.312/.324, but at least he tried.

But let's talk about 2010. This year, if Soto's apparently super-healthy appearance is worth anything, Hill won't get near as many at-bats. In 2009, Soto and Hill combined for something like 650 plate appearances. And in 2008, a healthy Soto took about 550 for himself. So Koyie might get 100-200 PAs in 2010, which is really too few to cause a huge ruckus.

At any rate, he's good defensively, so that's nice. Pretty much your perfect backup catcher, for what it's worth.

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