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2010 Player Preview: Justin Berg

Justin Berg
I dunno about you, but by my judgment, Justin Berg is largely an unknown quantity.

He's pitched exactly 12 innings at the major league level in his career. To be sure, they were 12 very good innings; 10 hits, one walk, one run allowed. But talk about small sample size.

If you want to expand your view, you have to look at Berg's minor league performance, which isn't pretty. He hovers around five strikeouts per nine innings, and in years past has tended to be on the high side of about four walks per nine.

Translation: not powerful stuff, and not very good control.

Of the 131 pitches he threw in the majors last year, 83% were fastballs, at an average of 91.5 miles an hour, and the rest were sliders. From what I've read, the fastball has some sink on it, so that's good. Seems like if the kid throws strikes, he can get some outs on ground balls, rather than Ks.

For some reason, the Cubs like him enough to consider him a decent candidate for the 'pen. And sure, 12 innings pitched in the majors is certainly 12 more than I ever have. But at the end of the day, he's probably a 4.50 ERA kind of guy, eating innings in games that aren't close.

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