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2009 Player Previews - Ryan Theriot

Ryan Theriot!

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Editor's note: Colin was due to write this preview today, but he instead chose to leave me high and dry lookin' for a Cubs blogger. Since the subject of this post is a favorite of Colin's, I'll do my best to write in his place everything he would have written. And for the denser reader out there, at least 1% of what I'm about to write is tongue in cheek.

Ryan Theriot will be the MVP of the 2009 Chicago Cubs. Let's face it - he was the unsung hero of the '08 squad, and he'll be back to cause even more damage to Chicago's opponents in 2009.

His defensive skills are dramatically undervalued. And what he does with the bat is nothing short of amazing. He consistently strokes singles and provides a deadly base-stealing threat -- something the Cubs haven't had in what feels like forever.

A lot of people wanted to cut Theriot loose after a mediocre '07 season. In his first full year in the majors, Theriot batted a meak .266 with an OPS of .642. At the time, I'd asked a simple question - would anybody be worried if he managed so much as a 1 exra single every week of the baseball season? The next year Theriot answered my question en force. Yes, EN effin' FORCE. He managed 35 more hits, batted an awesome .307, got on base at a clip of .387, and stole 22 while providing extremely solid defense at short.

So, how will he do in 2009? I think it's fair to say that Theriot is capable of putting up a career year. I'm talking 10-15 homeruns, 70-85 RBI, 40+ steals, a .320 AVG, and an OBP above .400. Not to mention he should finally get the Gold Glove he so justly deserves.

Ryan Theriot. The Cubs are lucky to have him. I know I'm just parroting Colin in saying all of that, but I believe it from the bottom of my heart - the guy is a stud, and - sorry, Ernie! - the best shortstop in the history of the Cubs organization.


(Dying Laughing)
15 HR's and 40+ SB. I can't wait to hear what Colin has to say about this post....

theriot on the basepaths

It is probably worth noting that Theriot was a very respectable 28 for 32 in SB in 2007. Let's hope he can reacquire some of that discretion this year; the outs from his 13 CS last year cost him the equivalent of about .020 in OBP.

which 1%

Did you ever take your tongue out of your cheek? He gets caught stealing 33% of the time and has not shown any power at the major league level. To make 40 steals he will have to run 60 times, I don't think that is part of Lou's game plan.

Thanks for setting me

Thanks for setting me straight. I guess I'll have to revise my entirely serious opinion about Ryan Theriot's base stealing ability.

I just can't wait...

...for the first commenter who takes you to task for saying that The Riot is a better shortstop than Ernie Banks.

C'mon, people. Don't disappoint me now!!

Well, I'd still like to see

Well, I'd still like to see Colin chime in. I know there have been lots of new defensive stats coming out that have Theriot rated much higher than the old ones, and I'd like his expert opinion. I'm pretty interested in seeing what the new common consensus might be.

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