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2009 Player Previews - Aramis Ramirez

Aramis Ramirez
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Did you know: The Goat Riders of the Apocalypse sponsor Aramis Ramirez's baseball-reference page?  It's true.  Also true is that GROTA was recognized as one of the great Chicago Blogs (capital C capital B) by Chicago Magazine.  It's true!  I read it on Aramis Ramirez's baseball reference page!

Sure, you know all that.  Everyone knows that.  But do you know why we sponsor his page?  Do you know why, given alllllllll the possible Cubs -  past, present and future - we could sponsor (Les Lancaster, Frank Castillo, Sandy Martinez...the list goes on and on), we chose Aramis Ramirez? Do you?

It's because he rocks.  It's because he's the answer to the question "who's finally filled Ron Santo's shoes (so to speak*)".  It's because of his 36, 38, 31, 27, and 26 homer seasons since coming over to the Cubs.  It's because he's finally learned to consistently take a walk.  It's because his defense has gone from poor to decent to pretty damn good. 

(* yes, I know he wears shoes.  I'm not sure where I was going with that)

The people who used to bitch that he doesn't hustle?  They're in someone's crawl space.  The people who claimed that he's selfish?  They'll trapped under a stack of Tribune articles revealing that Aramis took less money to stay with the Cubs.  Those people are trapped and can't get to food and are really hungry and have to pee and it's really sad.  Because they're going to have to pee on themselves.  And maybe poo a little.

If only that had realized that Aramis is the best thing to happen to the Cubs since Slammin' Sammy and Kid K.  He's Mister Consistency and Mister Spectacular all at once (and Mister Clutch.  Don't forget about Mister Clutch).  He's the true heart of the Cubs and Cub fans should be praising Hendry for bringing him over from his Pittsburgh Purgatory.

Because he rocks.  Here's to more of the same in 2009. 

Go Cubs.

Chicago Tribune's Chicago's Best Blogs award