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2009 Players Preview - Aaron Heilman

All Heil the Man

When the Cubs started trading for guys in the offseason, everybody thought it would be to stockpile talent for a run at Jake Peavy. Instead, the Cubs traded Ronny Cedeno, Felix Pie and Garrett Olson for the former New York Met, Aaron Heilman. Two good things did come out of these moves. One, the Cubs don’t have to rely on Bob "Gas Can" Howry anymore. Secondly, Ronny Cedeno is no longer over sliding second base on walks.

Heilman wanted to be a starter in New York, but the Mets never really gave him a shot. So, he was dealt to the Seattle Mariners this offseason in the J.J. Putz deal. It looked like a great deal for right-hander, because the Mariner rotation was thing, and he might finally get his chance to break into a rotation. Well, you know what they say about counting your chickens. I hope Heilman didn’t sign any leases while he was Northwest, because Jim Hendry swooped in traded for a man he wanted for some time.

It’s a known fact that Heilman has tried to trade for Heilman before, but the Mets couldn’t part with him. Now, Hendry has his wish and even gave him a chance to start this spring. He made four starts and pitched pretty well. He compiled a 2.12 ERA in 17 innings, while striking out 19. He was battling with Marshall for the 5th starter’s role, but the big lefty got the nod. Of course, Marshall has looked awful in his last two starts, so there is a chance that Heilman might see a start this season. Well, there is a great chance for him to see a start since Rich Harden is on the team.

The problem with Heilman is that he wasn’t very good last season. After turning in three straight solid seasons, Heilman couldn’t get outs with the Mets. He finished with a 5.21 ERA in 76 innings. There is hope, because in 2007 he finished with a 3.03 ERA and a 1.07 WHIP in 86 innings. Also, he has come to striking out a batter an inning, so Hendry might have been lucky with this trade.

With Marshall starting, Heilman will be asked to pitch in the 7th inning to get to Marmol, who will then give the ball to Kevin Gregg. At least, he should be better than Bob Howry was last season, but of course that isn’t saying much.


I was better than Howry last season.

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