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The Peavy Meter's a'changin'

Just a few thoughts to add to all the discussion today...

First and foremost, while the Cubs have hardly done anything, at least they appear to be feigning some big moves.  Maybe they'll bring in Bradley, maybe they'll pull Peavy, maybe they'll just stand there with their thumbs a'twiddling.

But based on the recent rumors, I can safely adjust the Peavy Trade-0-Meter to the following scale...


Peavy Trade O Meter

As for Mark DeRosa.  He has been sitting hot and heavy in the midst of a flurry of trade rumors.  Rob has already written about why the Cubs should not give up DeRosa for too little, while Goat Readers Alan and Bob are both voicing opposition to the idea.

Well, here's the deal.  DeRosa is a versatile right-handed player who can play 2B and RF, who is in his early 30's, who has a year remaining on his contract and is coming off far-and-away the best season of his career.  In other words, he almost certainly will never have a year as good as 2008, he almost certainly will never have as much value as he does right now, and if he isn't on the trading block then Jim Hendry might just as well pack up his things and go home.

I appreciate DeRosa greatly, but all things being equal he has to be the odd man out offensively.  Chances are, Mike Fontenot - or better yet, a Fontenot/Theriot platoon at second - will match DeRo's offense next season for far less money.  Chances are, DeRosa would rate a below average right fielder both offensively and defensively if the Cubs placed him there exclusively.

As much of an advocate as I am for that "team leader" type, I'd rather have a more balanced lineup with the best chances possible of putting up good offensive numbers next season.  While I certainly wouldn't be upset if DeRosa returned for a third year in Chicago, to say that of all players he is untouchable falls on the side of ludicrous.  He should be available for the right parts, and if he helps land the Cubs Peavy and change, then I'd say yes.

Actually, no, what I'd really say is "YES!!!!!!"

Sell high and

buy low would be a nice change for one of the more dysfunctional organizations in baseball. I just hope Hendry gets appropriate value for DeRosa.

In a tough financial market, where many are not willing or not able to part with the money needed to acquire what they may really need, DeRosa's versatility is a big plus.

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