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Peavy a Cub?

It's been discussed here a little ... Jake Peavy is apparently willing to be traded from the Padres, and thus far the Cubs are 1 of 5 teams he'd accept a trade to.  Now, obviously, a Cubs team with a rotation of Zambrano-Peavy-Harden-Lilly-Dempster (or Samardzija, or Marquis, or a warm bucket of spit - it really doesn't matter when those other guys are in there) would be ridiculous, but it's also pretty unlikely.

The primary concern has to be salary.  Zambrano is making 17.75 million next year, Lilly makes 12, Harden 7, and Dempster will likely be making 10 million on a back-ended deal, assuming he comes back at all.

With Peavy's 10 million+ salary - which is actually quite a bargain for his level of talen - that would give the Cubs starting 5 a payroll of $56 million plus - there were 6 teams with smaller payrolls in 2008, including the Rays who are still in position to reach the World Series for the AL.

I say that, hey, if the Cubs can afford it, then they should do it.  But file this one under Trades to be Mades - what would the Padres want for Peavy?  I'd assume that, minimally, Marshall, Pie, and probably somebody of Samardzija's level would be asked for by the Padres.

Brenly to the Brewers?

Our friend over at MLB Trade Rumors reports that Bob Brenly is being considered to manage the Brewers, and this just weeks after he extended his deal to broadcast for the Cubs.

Regrettably, Steve Stone is now calling games for the White Sox, and is signed up to do so for the next six years.  Guh.  Maybe there are other options out there, but most of them suck.  I anticipate that if Brenly goes, he'll be hard to replace in the booth, although I know there are some people out there who might loudly disagree.

Peavy does seem like a reach...

unless Dempster goes elsewhere. But it would be a killer rotation either way.

As for Brenly, if he gets out, what kind of contract does Grace have with Fox?

Peavy's five teams.

These are the five teams:

St. Louis
Los Angeles Dodgers

Houston has a slight advantage in that Peavy and Oswalt are apparently hunting buddies. Still, the Astros would have to come up with a package that would work.

if anyone has the advantage,

if anyone has the advantage, it's Atlanta, what with their ridiculously good farm system.

Maybe I'm crazy, but farm

Maybe I'm crazy, but farm system depth isn't the end-all be-all in this scenario. The benefit of the deep Atlanta farm system is that they might be more willing to part with their top prospects - however, the Cubs may have enough good players to be competitive in this trade, if they have the guts to deal them.

Would it be outrageous to see

Would it be outrageous to see the Cubs trade Pie, Guzman, and perhaps someone like Hart or Ascanio to get Peavy?

Not enough...

They'll need a position player. Maybe McGehee?

Contrary to popular belief,

Contrary to popular belief, Felix Pie is not a pitcher. In fact, he's a center fielder, which the Padres want in the trade for Peavy, along with a few pitchers

My bad...

I meant infielder

Remember, the Padres have to convince Peavy...

...to waive his no-trade clause. This could all boil down to where Peavy wants to pitch the most - assuming they can pony up enough of a return to make it worth the Pad's while to deal him.

ESPN just reported that

Peavy would waive his no-trade clause to pitch in Houston.

Good lord. Stone doing tv for

Good lord. Stone doing tv for the White Sox is bad enough, but if Brenly goes to the Brewers? I actually like the rapport he has with Kasper, and I do think he would be hard to replace.

If you ever listen or watch to many other teams - or you see the national broadcasts (I'm looking at you, POS TBS), you see how good we've had it over the years.

Atlanta a more likely destination

Not only do the Braves have a deep farm system, but Peavy is an Alabama boy (he and his family live there during the offseason), so he may be much more inclined to pitch in his own backyard, much like Tim Hudson does.

Brenly to the Brewers

I like Brenly, and I hope he stays in the booth here, but if the Brewers do hire him away, I hope they do it quickly, so the Cubs have time to hire a decent replacement. (Please, dear God, NOT Dan Plesac or Dave Otto!)

You could do worse than Dave

You could do worse than Dave Otto. Every time Santo took time off this year, I breathed a sigh of relief because Otto is just better


Demp's fine, but if pitching staff payroll is the limiting factor, pull the string on the Peavy trade, Give Ryan Dempster a large vat of maple syrup (or a Mounties uniform if he prefers) and wish him well.

There is a long line of Ryan-Dempster-style pitchers in history. There is a much shorter list of Jake-Peavy-quality pitchers.

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