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On the over-sensitivity of Cub Fans

It has come to our attention that the Cubs - and by way of the Cubs, their fans - continue to be the butt of jokes across the nation.  The most recent example of this is Tank Mc Namara, a comic strip I do not read that produced a harmless joke at the expense of Cub fans everywhere.

I'm sure most of our readers understand that people who cannot handle being mocked and ridiculed tend to get mocked and ridiculed far, far more often than those who understand the concept of "give and take."  If Cub fans take it personally every time Jay Leno cracks a joke, or Tank Mc Namara does up a portrayal of a crazed Cub fan who looks like an elderly Al Yellon, if Cub fans take it too seriously, then we're going to get way too uptight and have trouble enjoying anything, and we will also be leaving our flanks open to be ripped apart by the fans of opposing teams who do not care about how sensitive we're feeling.

I mean, c'mon folks, there are actually important things out there to get upset about and annoyed with.  To be sensitive of people who make jokes at our expense is just a little ridiculous.  After all, I doubt any Cub fans out there would be upset if somebody made fun of the Cardinals, or Brewers, or especially the Yankees, right?  So, grow a thicker skin, accept that you are a part of the world and therefore open to be mocked by the world, and get over it already!  And when they mock, rather than complain, whine, and cry about it, give as good as you get!

And to emphasize my point, to the kind of Cub fan who can't handle a joke, I present to you a few other comic strips made at the expense of us, the Cub fan:


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I've never understood...

why Cubs fans are as sensitive as they are either, Kurt. As a group, we are a very strange set of characters, I think.


very nice.

Kurt, you've BEEN to the Cubs Convention...

You've SEEN who shows up there. These people, if they ever HAD a sense of objectivity, lost it a lonnnnnnnnnng time ago.

It's a mock-or-be-mocked

It's a mock-or-be-mocked world, my friend. I've thrown down the gauntlet.

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