Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Oh yes he di-i-i-i-iddd!

Let me get on here today and add something without value (like, what else is new, right? Yeah, bite me)

I cannot tell you how many times in my early life I saw the Cubs cruise into the late innings with leads, only to see the Willie Stargells and Mike Schmidts and Tony Perezes and Dave Parkers and Steve Garveys (fornicate them Garveys, him AND his toothy ex-wife) and Will Clarks and Barroid Bondses and Albert PooHoleses and Bill Halls and Miguel Cabreras of the world come up and smash my dreams with a cold blue-steel hammer.

Plucking defeat from the jaws of Certain Victory, that has always been the hallmark of the Chicago Cubs.  Every twenty years or so, you get a 9-run comeback deal like against the Asstrolls in 1989, but 95% of the time, when the going got tough, the Cubs would find a way to poop themselves.  Sure, in 1984 they beat people into submission, and up until Game 6 in 2003, struck out fools like they weren't looking. 

The big thing for me about 2008 is that it is just playing into the hands of every polly-anna Cubs fan like my dear wife, who watches every game until the final out, because she is under the delusion that a game is never over until it is over.  Every other year of my life, after seeing Cole Hamels mow us down for seven, I would have chucked the remote at the front of my teevee, hoping it would hit the OFF button.

I don't know WHY they took out Hamels.  But OMG I am glad they did, aren't you?

Of course you are, I'm not telling ANYONE here anything that you aren't already feeling.  Am I writing this to show America that I am not a fatalist?  Well, Yes.  But you have to understand how superstitious I am when it comes to this team.  I hate to brag, I've said it before, but I guess by my frequent denials, I am, in fact, bragging by proxy?

Just, damn.  I don't want to hear any more from Ronnie Santo about his bad heart.  His heart has to be just fine, to make it through what he has seen this year.  Good God, Ramirez is just huge.  Clutchy McClutcherson rides again!!  I must admit I was swearing at Lee for yet again taking a walk when streetcleaning was needed, but walking with a co-worker (and Deadbird fan) Dave, he noted that "Lee doesn't have to take the big rip.  He has Ramirez behind him.  He knows that..."  Man has a point.


I was actually hoping that DP DLee would find a way to take a walk. I didn't want him swinging there. As many DPs as he has hit into this year, I kept seeing the rally killer coming out of him and hoping that he could avoid it.

Great game. Can't say enough about this team. We are seeing things that Cubs fans haven't witnessed in 50+ years here. Knock on wood. I hope that it continues.

Archie is RIGHT!!

That was the other comment from my co-worker. Guess we have to accept Lee for what he is, and for what he is not.

Ramirez and DeRosa are the clutch guys, and Soto may grow into one. Soriano is the Human Hitting Streak. Fukudome is an OBP guy who plays stellar RF in a park that demands it. Theriot is, God forgive me, scrappy. Lee picks it and also on occasion rakes. He just spoiled me rotten in 2005, that's all.

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