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Rick Sutcliffe works for YOU

The Chicago Tribune is reporting today that Rick Sutcliffe is apparently trying to land a lobbyist gig for the Chicago Cubs.  He's been blowing up the phone of Padres ace Jake Peavy in order to convince him to accept any trade to the Chicago Cubs.

In some ways, Sutcliffe was Kerry Wood before Kerry Wood got his first pimple.  He was an amazingly talented pitcher who caught the imagination of Cub fans with a handful of dominating seasons who ultimately left Chicago after years of arm injuries.  And, as a kid, he was my favorite Cubs pitcher.

You know, the Cubs are interesting in that way.  Maybe it's not unique to them, but throughout my history of following the team, they have had a knack for acquiring colorful characters with a potent combination of talent and personality.  It's just unfortunate for the Cubs that they have rarely had enough of those guys at one time to win anything.

I've told this story before, although at this point it should probably be more legend than fact because I seriously doubt I'd be able to back it up with a source if anybody challenged me.  But when Sutcliffe retired from baseball in 1994 as a 38 year old man with a broken wing, he was asked about which team he'd enjoyed playing for the most in his career.  He answered by saying "I'm a Cub.  That's me."  I have a feeling that Wood will take the same approach whenever he retires, regardless of where he goes next.

As for Peavy, my spidey-sense tells me that he won't be traded to the Cubs any time soon.  However, while this has so far been the most disappointing off-season in recent memory, I still feel confident that the Cubs will do something to improve.  Jim Hendry, don't fail me now.

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