Goatriders of the Apocalypse

While I wasn't sleeping

The Cubs pulled off a trade today, and again I am a genius!  How many times have I said "they will make trades and none of us will be able to say we saw 'em coming?"  Brilliant!

The players in question are Jose Ceda, a Cubs minor league talent who has been compared to Marmol, and Kevin Gregg, the 30-year-old closer of the Florida Marlins.  Gregg has served as a closer in Florida for 2 seasons, posting save totals of 32 and 29, ERAs of 3.54 and 3.41, and blown save totals of 4 and 9.  (In a less confuddling way, his save conversion ratio is 82%, which is passable but not outstanding.)

The acquisition of Gregg means one of two things (and possibly three) things.  Either the Cubs are assembling the necessary pieces to nab Jake Peavy - and with the Padres bidding farewell to Trevor Hoffman, they might be looking for a closer - or Jim Hendry is giving up on bringing Kerry Wood back to Chicago.  Or, possibly, Gregg is being acquired to serve as a second set-up man along with Marmol, but this is far less likely.

Either way, the next couple of days look to be interesting.  If Wood is gone, and to be replaced by Gregg, then I will probably not be the only pissed off Cubs fan.  If Gregg is the key component that lands the Cubs Jake Peavy, I'll be pissing myself in the streets.  I'm not sure why or how that would be considered a "good" thing, but it's better than losing Kerry Wood.

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