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Stopping short

As the Peavy trade rumors continue, the so-called details of the alleged trade have supposedly begun to become apparently clearer.  The current rumor includes Ryan Theriot in the trade, leaving Cub fans asking the most obvious question - who the eff replaces Theriot?

Here at GROTA, we've already tapped the Ragin' Cajun as being Grade A Trade Bait, since he will be hard pressed to duplicate his offensive production next year.  But if Theriot goes, who replaces him?  Surely not Ronny Cedeno, whose jersey number could double for his IQ, and probably not Raffy Furcal, whose price coupled with his bad back and his desire for a long term deal (plus his insistence on trying to cripple Derrek Lee) make him an unlikely candidate.

Actually there are some interesting options out there, with Orlando Cabrera being perhaps too old to be likely, but the guy who I'm thinking about in particular is current Pads shortstop Khalil Greene, 29 years old, coming off a really shizz-itty year where he batted .213 with 10 homers and 35 RBI in 105 games played. He missed time with a broken hand, but the hand wasn't the reason he tanked.

So, here's the question for debate - would Greene be an upgrade over Theriot?

My thoughts are that Theriot will be pressed to do as well as he did this year, and Greene will struggle to do as poorly.  However, Greene will also cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 million next season and, at 29, he's at a crossroads.  He may rebound and play great, or it might turn out that he's done as a baseball player before his 30th birthday.

In my opinion, if it gets the Cubs Peavy, then I'm all for it.  Greene could be a pleasant surprise, and he may appreciate playing in a more hitter-friendly ballpark.

Do you have an opinion?  Post 'em if you've got 'em.

power up

KG hit 27 home runs in 2007, despite playing at petco. considering the move from san diego to wrigley, and supposing derosa stays at 2b, how many teams have 20HR power from both infield spots? 20 from 1st, 20 from C, 30 from 3rd, 30 from LF... we'd have some serious bop.


to be clear, if greene does come to chicago, KG is the new KG.


Has it been explained anywhere why Ryan Theriot won't do as well as he did this year?

I'm thinking this is what we will get out of him for a good number of years to come. I'd hate to see him go.

And I don't want Khalil "Jeff Spicoli" Greene heading over here, either.

topped out

no power, below average speed, gets caught stealing a lot, bad defensive range, below average arm.

a lot of his slap hits fell in this year so his average was great. and he was patient, and walked a lot. but he had some bad months, too. i mean, even if he does repeat his 2008, there are a lot of skills where he's sorely lacking that the team could really use an upgrade in.

I'd rather plug in

Cedeneo than that lame Greene for $7+M. Does everybody have Penis, I mean Peavy envy or what. Taking Greene so the Padres will deal with the Cubs instead of the Braves, is just the type of clueless move our knucklehead GM Hendry would make. What's the world coming to, first Obama, now this? Hendry must be a Democrat and like every good little disciple, he takes Obama's declaration for Green power literally. I think it's just Obama's double secret probation plan to scuttle his crosstown rivals.




I recall someone spouting his political/social beliefs on here a few months ago. He was promptly released as a Goat Rider staff member.

Let's keep our personal beliefs that don't pertain to baseball off the blog. Just sayin'...

Damn damn damn

I should've known.

Sometimes, I am so dense, and my denseness bothers me.

Clute = Mike C?

Get. Off. My. Plane!!

I think someone has some

I think someone has some issues. Still a little sore over the election?

Tongue in cheek

children, don't have a cow. No deep seated political undertones here, just emphasizing the lunacy of the Cubs acquiring K. Greene to make the Peavy deal work.

It seems to be an accurate portrayal of how the little disciples react, when mentioning Obama's support for Green power as a foil for humor about K. Greene is taken. Evidently my imposter's blurb in the shout box demonstrates his keen perception and sensitivity.


I don't want Greene here either.

You mean the disciples who

You mean the disciples who believe in team chemistry being something that you can actually plot out? Or that the little things are so important to a team's success? Or how there is some prototypical leadoff man? Or that old baseball adages represent reality? Should I go on? Just in the last 3 or 4 weeks I can find many examples of you believing in things without a shred of evidence to support your opinion. You take what is considered common baseball knowledge and haven't even considered challenging whether or not it is true. You, sir, are the disciple. The one who believes in things without evidence or facts and is persuaded merely by the opinion of others.

What irritates me even more than your lack of baseball knowledge was your comment last night about Obama and his supporters. Once again, who is the disciple here? It is you. And before you lump me in with those Obama disciples just know that I am a conservative who did not vote for Obama, but if you think the supporters of the Republican party are anything less than followers then you are just plain nuts.

I'm sorry, Kurt. I felt this must be said and although I have not been around here as a commenter for long, I will no longer comment or read the comments after I post this. Clute is an incredible fool that is as close-minded as anyone I have ever come across. I get the feeling I'm not the only one who thinks so.

I'm not here to

cause no trouble, I'm just here to do the Super Bowl Shuffle. Get over yourself Maddog. I'm not the reactionary one here. If posting a comment with a little politically incorrect humor gets your panties all in a bunch take a vicodin. Your observations that stats some how negate the intangibles of leadership and hustle is probably a good indication that you have a pocket protector for your pens and pencils.

No one here has an inside track to the inner workings of baseball GM's, so if a little humor and sarcasm if offensive on a blog for goodness sake, you're taking yourself way to seriously. Just because you may have been a star t-ball player and good in math, doesn't really qualify you as an expert. Those of us that have actually spent many years in competitive hardball, in many cases as a player and manager, just shake our head over every Billy Beane wannabe that uses a slide rule for his observations.

Well, if you're not going to read the comments...

...then you won't read this, either.

While I feel that Clute tripped all over his tongue in this thread, I don't think he's done anything worth banishment or adherent avoidance. I mean, he's no Mark/Mastrick by ANY means. I think that taking a "avoid all comments at all costs" approach is probably the wrong way to go, and this is coming from somebody who's been in an Fairly Epic Flame War at your website.

Anyway, the one thing I have issue with is the "Clute is so closed-minded that I will take all steps to avoid reading his words ever again." I've always felt that statements like that are similar to if you heard me saying "I hate racists so much that I'm going to go beat up a lazy Mexican." It just doesn't make sense.

So.... y'know, participate or something. Please don't worry - or get chased away - by the occasional dumb comment. I mean, Christ Maddog, if stupid comments chase you away then you would probably run in the opposite direction at the first sight of me. I'm full of stupid comments!

Was that comment akin to

when you go shake some one's hand you then knee him in the nuts Kurt? LOL

I feel my observations are based on an objective evaluation of Hendry's track record. As far as offending anyone goes, it's not my intention to hurt any one's feelings. I may overuse sarcasm but if my memory serves, I'm the one who is being called stupid and close-minded.

It's OK though because I'm rubber and you're glue, everything you say to me bounces off of me and sticks to you. Hah!

I'm not afraid of opposing points of view and if a credible argument can be waged to correct my points of view, I'm certainly secure enough to change my opinion and admit I was wrong. Can everyone else here say that?

Anyway, I do enjoy the posts here at GROTA, this is the obligatory butt kissing part, and especially the spirited debate among it's commentators, even Maddog. Yikes, did I really just say that? Relax, relax, just kidding Maddog.

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