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Nonwaiver trade deadline talk

I've gone ahead and stickied this post, I think, so it should stay at the top of the page for the rest of the day. Live coverage of the nonwaiver trade deadline, courtesy of Goat Riders of the Apocalypse!

8:50 AM - There's still buzz about acquiring Raul Ibanez. Daily Herald beatwriter Bruce Miles says he'd mostly play off the bench, not become our starting right fielder. The Cubs are also reportedly looking at David DeJesus and Brian Giles, both of whom are entirely awesome and I wants, but I don't think we need them.

Also, the White Sox have traded for "CF" Ken Griffey Jr. I find this achingly hillarious. Right this moment, Ken Griffey Junior is probably the third-worst defensive outfielder in baseball. True story! The White Sox would have been better off trading for Adam Dunn and making him their center fielder. This is insane.

9:32 AM - The Cubs may be making a deal to shed a player, namely Scott Eyre.

12:40 PM - The Red Sox and Yankees have been inquiring on Eyre. It looks to me like the Cubs are trying to clear some room so that they can keep Samardzija on the big club when Wood gets off the DL. Wood (say it along with me, folks) threw a simulated game today, incidently.

1:10 PM - Bruce Miles says the Cubs turned down a Brian Giles deal. Milton Bradley's name has come up, albeit casually.

2:20 PM - The oft-rumored three-team Manny Ramirez deal seems to have fallen apart. Jason Bay leaves the division, as he'll be with the Rays. The Pirates pick up shortstop Reid Brignac and pitcher Jeff Niemann; they could be a team to look out for in a couple of years.

2:40 PM - The Cubs are no longer talking about Raul Ibanez. Meanwhile, Howry is getting fistbumps in the pen. Is it a trade? I feel little for even asking that question.

2:52 PM - Howry warming up in the pen. So... no trade.

3:05 PM - Or Bay to the Red Sox. I don't know anymore. Everything's quiet on the Cubs front, as far as I can tell; the Cubs have a really solid team right now, and seem likely to stand pat.

Eyre for DeJesus...

..dare I dream? He's the best player they have over there.

We have a set roster...

Eyre is warming up as well. Looks like they are trying to tell us that our team is set.

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