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In the News: Pitchers, Books and We Need Spring to Get Here.

Welcome to the slowest few weeks for a baseball fan. For the most part, teams are getting pretty close to setting rosters and it causes a delay in any type of news to report. Hence the lack of news when it comes to our beloved Chicago Cubs. I mean if I were a Bears fan, we could have a discussion on Jay Culter, but that is best left to Rob's rantings.

Headline: MLB Whispers: Twins Lucky to Retain Pavano

Quote from story:

Tom Gorzelanny grew while with the Cubs, thanks largely to time spend with Greg Maddux, and could have a long run with the Nationals. He will be missed if Carlos Zambrano goes back into the tank but GM Jim Hendry made a good deal to get three prospects (especially Double-A outfielder Michael Burgess) for a pitcher who was acquired from the Pirates alongside lefty reliever John Grabow. One of the benefits of the deal was opening a spot to evaluate pitching prospects Casey Coleman, Andrew Cashner, Jeff Samardzija and maybe even Trey McNutt. …


Hendry is taking a bit of risk, because I'm sure that Gorzelanny could have been dealt during the Spring as insurance. I guess he thought he could get more right now. Of course, my real feeling is that I'm tired of media members taking another shot at Zambrano. Yes, I get it that he can be a little unstable. He makes too much money, but I still think his upside is better than Gorzelanny. Other than that, there is little new news on the Cubs. On side note, I never thought that any team would be lucky to sign Carl Pavano after reading this book by John Fienstein: 

Living on the black

If you haven't read this book, you might want to pick it up. It follows Tom Glavine and Mike Mussina around for a season. There is some gold from "The Moose" about Pavano. By clicking on the link and buying the book, you will help support us here at GROTA. Please leave all questions and comments below.

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