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Cashner to Cubs rotation?

Only three of the five spots in the Cubs' starting rotation are accounted for at present. So now that Tom Gorzelanny is gone, what should the Cubs do about the other two? And what do you suppose they actually will do?

Let's start with what they should do. Randy Wells, who pitched 194 innings in 32 starts last year, should get the fourth job. He did claim to have some mental issues at times last year, but maybe working with Mike Quade will chill him out. Wells lacks ace stuff, but is durable, and has shown that he is able to pitch with above-average control, which is valuable.

As for the fifth spot, I think the job should go to the most talented candidate, which almost without question has to be Andrew Cashner. Cashner was great at all levels of the Cubs' minor league system last year, and has front-end stuff to go with his stats. The only question with him is whether he can manage to get through a major league lineup three times in one game. I say give him a shot. I think there's a good chance this is what the Cubs will do, in addition to being what they should do.

The only other option I could see them going with at this point would be slotting in Carlos Silva as the fifth starter and moving Cashner to the bullpen. And really, that would be fine too, so long as they kept Cash in the 'pen all year. It's the moving young arms between bullpen and rotation that really grinds my gears. Isn't this just begging for an injury? Plus, isn't it way tougher for a developing arm to improve when his role is constantly being juggled?

What do you think the Cubs should do? What do you expect they will do?

I'm solidly in the "Cashner

I'm solidly in the "Cashner to the rotation" camp. My only concern is the innings load. Cashner tossed a career most 111 1/3 innings last year, so he shouldn't be allowed to pitch a full season's worth of starts. Still, let Cashner pitch in the rotation and worry about shutting him down later on if he sticks.

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