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Cubs sign Reed Johnson

Nice guy and all, but I only have one question:


In my opinion if he stays

In my opinion if he stays healthy good defensive replacement and one of those light hitting guys who hits them when ya need em. Tell me when you hit it not how much you hit it. Now tell me where I'm wrong counsellor.

Suppose Soriano, Byrd and

Suppose Soriano, Byrd and Fukudome start. Bench OFs are Colvin (L), maybe Brett Jackson (L), maybe Brad Snyder (L), or maybe Fernando Perez (S). Do we need an old lefty OF? One who's injury prone and isn't all that great?

I'd rather take the $2 million Reed and Koyie are gonna make next year and spend it on the 'pen. Then again, after having thought about it for a while I'm also pretty sure I'd rather keep Archer, Lee, Guyer and Chirinos than pay Garza $20 million over the next three years or whatever. Oh well.

2 million might get us a

2 million might get us a second baseman that is not Blake Dewitt or Jeff Baker

2 million is wrong

maybe, maybe 1.5 million between them.

And even 2 million isn't buying an impact second baseman.

Good point, and besides there

Good point, and besides there is not an impact second baseman to buy in first place.

Because Hendry wanted to

Because Hendry wanted to appease the fanbase. Now all he needs to do is resign the rest of the '08 roster, and the Cubs will clearly win the NL Central again!


Cashner for DeRosa?

Cashner for DeRosa?

Maybe we are gonna eat half

Maybe we are gonna eat half of Fukudome's contract and move him down the road.

I'm pretty certain this move

I'm pretty certain this move happened because the new ownership is concerned that there will be empty seats next season, and is bringing back an old 'favorite' to combat absenteeism. I doubt he makes the team, personally. It's a minor league contract with an STI. He could be cut fairly easily.

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