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Koyie Hill is almost a millionaire.

The Cubs avoided arbitration with Koyie Hill today, agreeing to pay him $850,000 in 2011. Last year, Hill hit .214/.254/.298 and threw out 18% of the runners who attempted to steal on him. I only have one question about the deal:


I like Hill, but...

He's a decent backup, but he doesn't hit. At all. I consider him at least an even swap for the Paul Bako years (never cared much for him) and Hill seems to manage the pitchers better.

With the addition of Max Ramirez I thought the Cubs might be looking to drop Hill and bring up Castillo, but I guess that was wrong - what are they doing with Wellington?

I'm sort of confounded by

I'm sort of confounded by your use of the word "decent." At what, if anything, is Koyie Hill decent? Can't hit for average, can't get on base, no power, throws out 18% of runners. I don't get it!

Maybe catching is such a thin position that that's a fair price for a warm body who can man the position?

Hill = Bad

plain and simple.

We would be just as far ahead promoting Beef Wellington and using the money for the pen.

Hill has posted negative WAR

Hill has posted negative WAR in 3 of his 4 seasons in Chicago. I will never understand why Jimbo has a boner for this guy. He flat out sucks.

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