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Pick 13, Sam Fuld hangover, journalistic hubris

The Cubs announced a new ticket plan today titled the "We have Starlin Castro so for the love of God come watch him play" Plan...errr...I mean, the Pick 13 Plan.

Each package guarantees one ticket to two of three home series with the Yankees, White Sox, and Cardinals. You get to choose the other 11 games a la carte style. By the way, if you choose a package featuring the Yankees, you are guaranteed a ticket to a Diamondbacks series.

Year Two.

Got a Sam Fuld hangover? A tall glass of Fernando Perez can cure what ails you.

The 27-year-old was acquired from Tampa in the Garza trade in what essentially amounted to a spit swap of aging outfield prospects. At best, Perez is a decent defender without much of a bat who will probably be nothing more than a 4th or 5th outfielder, but let's just say he's a triple-threat of sorts...

Twitter. Tumblr. YouTube.

Get on-board the Perez bandwagon before all the Wrigley floozies proclaim him the next prince of Theriotistan.

Both the Chicago Sun-Times and the Daily Herald printed a photo of Joaquin Benoit instead of the newly-acquired Matt Garza in their Saturday sports sections.

This embarrassing mistake was eventually attributed to an error in the cutline written by the AP photographer who took the picture. Sure, whatever.

What's really disappointing amidst the confusion is the journalistic hubris on display by The Bright One's Joe Cowley. Cowley, known for his general asshattery, tweeted the following prose on Friday night in regards to his paper's superior coverage of the Garza trade...

"Trib Dictator, you keep running a section like this an you'll be guessing my weight at some carnie in a few years. Stay hot."

As a famous dead English guy once said, "How much easier is it to be critical than to be correct." As long as you can blame the photo guy, it seems pretty easy.

That being said, does GROTA have a photo guy?


he has possession of the GROTA cam, which is so old that it is probably still uses film

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