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The Schlillter Splitter is No More

Well, I really thought this post would be in Rob's wheelhouse, because a guy with a questionable name was claimed off waivers from the New York Yankees.

I noted a while ago that Kerry Wood put the Cubs 40-man roster at 41, when he signed. It turned out that Kerry actually wasn't added to the roster until last week. That, probably, gave the Cubs time to work out a trade for one of their players, but the other clubs were biting. So, the Yankees put in a waiver claim for the aforementioned Schlitter and brought the 40-man back to 40-men, so to speak.

On other Cub news, Matt Garza was coming, but then he wasn't according to Sun-Times and ESPN sources. I just don't see it happening. The Cubs probably want to trade Vitters, because they realize he's not as good as once suspected. The problem is the Rays have a pretty good one manning the hot corner.

Hopefully, we here at GROTA will start ramping up the content as we inch closer to the season.

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