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Kid K? Well, A Middle Aged Version Close to Return

This is news I can get behind, and it really made my morning as I read that Kerry Wood, AKA Kid K, might be returning to the Chicago Cubs. Wood has always been one of my favorite Cub players and it hurt a little when we let him walk two years ago to Cleveland. while the Cubs turned to Kevin Gregg. 

Gregg pitched well at times, but a terrible weekend in Florida doomed him and the Cubs slim playoff hopes. Wood and the Indians struggled and it was evident that both sides had made a bad choice. This season, Wood was finally shipped to the Yankees, where he turned in two really solid months of pitching.

If Wood has turned the corner and can avoid long stints on the DL, the Cubs get a perfect pitcher to help secure the back end of the bullpen. With Carlos Marmol closing, Wood and Sean Marshall take over the 7th and 8th inning duties. The Cubs never found a Right-handed counterpart to Wood last year, and now the Cubs have a few opitions. Andrew Cashner will likely be be used in the 6th and 7th innings, which might be perfect for his development in low-pressure situations. The Cubs will likely trot out the ghost of John Grabow some, until they finally waive him or find a DL spot for him.

Now, the Cubs will likely be forced to trade or release somebody, because the Cubs have 40 players on the 40-man roster.

Here is just some quick speculation on the 40-man:


Carlos Zambrano

Ryan Dempster

Carlos Silva

Tom Gorzelanny

Jeff Smardzjia

Randy Wells

Andrew Cashner?

Dempster, Zambrano, and Silva are probably going to start. Other signings pending, that leaves the Cubs with four guys with two spots. Wells probably has a leg up, but I would think that someone is going to get dealt before the Wood signing is made offical.


Marmol - Closer

Marshall - 7th/8th

Wood - 7th'/8th

Cashner - RH

Grabow - LH

That leaves two spots for the likes of James Russell, Casey Coleman, Brian Schlitter, Jeff Stevens, Esmailin Caridad, Thomas Diamond and Macos Mateo. Not to mention the Biobic Arm of Angel Guzman.

My guess is that Cubs at least try and give Grabow a chance since they are paying him four million dollars this year.

What do you guys think? I love the Wood idea, so I hope it is finalized.

I would like it if we started

I would like it if we started 2011 with Z, Demp, Wells, Brandon Webb and Silva in the rotation (and traded Gorz); put Cashner, Coleman, Samardzija, Jay Jackson and Chris Archer in the Iowa rotation; and had Marmol, Marshall, Wood, and four flavors of the month in the 'pen (probably Russell, Guzman til he gets hurt, Diamond, and Grablow). Schlitter, Stevens, Caridad and Mateo back to Iowa 'pen.

I know the Shark would have

I know the Shark would have to clear waivers at this point, since he is out of options. My guess is tha tthe Cubs trade Gorz and Samardzija. But, we'll see.

I could see that happening as

I could see that happening as well. I think they have soured on Gorzellany for whatever reason. He is a servicable #5 guy IMO. More consistent than Silva anyways. I think the Shark is about to wear out his welcome too. Ive been trying to forget about him and the 10 million bucks we wasted on him. Think with money we could have signed two guys that hit .196 last year.

An excellent point Mr.

An excellent point Mr. Yarbage, and a wonderful joke Mr. Nyn. I suppose we'll have to wait and see what happens with Greinke, Garza, Webb, Pavano and others before finding a home for Gorz and Shark, but it doesn't seem like there's room for them on this Cubs team.

The Shark ain't going nowhere

please remember he has a Hendry Special (aka a no-trade clause).

Gorz, on the other hand, probably should not count on a trip to Mesa this spring.

And Guzman is not on the roster - he has been invited to ST as a non-roster.

It will be either Gorz or Schlitter.

Ah yes, the NTC for Shark.

Ah yes, the NTC for Shark.

Plus, all being out of options means is that he has to pass waivers to get sent down to AAA. Which team is going to claim him, even for $2 million?

I thought about the NTC, but

I thought about the NTC, but I really just think the Cubs will put him on waivers and somebody will give him a chance. It's a one-year deal, if it dosn't work they will just non-tender him. That being said, it's possible for him to clear waivers.

Sad that the Cubs are

Sad that the Cubs are preparing to pay Jeff Samardzija more money than Kerry Wood.

I'm totally shocked Wood

I'm totally shocked Wood signed for 1.5 million. What makes it worse is that John Grabow is making more.

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