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Cub Rumor Round-up

Sully's got a new column out today on top of the Cubs' latest moves, so why don't I recap the latest for y'all? First, the done deals:

- The Cubs signed Carlos Pena, former Tampa Bay Rays 1B, to a one-year $10 million deal, with $5 million of his salary deferred until 2012.

- The team drafted Mason Tobin from the L.A. Angels in this morning's Rule 5 draft, and then promptly traded him to the Texas Rangers for an unspecified return. Hopefully Tobin doesn't turn out to be the next Josh Hamilton. No Cubs were drafted, which means Marquez Smith will be with the team next season.

Now, the rumors:

- Before signing Pena, the Cubs had been rumored to be in talks with the Texas Rangers that revolved around sending the Rangers prospects in exchange for reliever Darren O'Day and first baseman Chris Davis. Davis may no longer be a priority for the Cubs now that Pena is signed; however, since Pena's deal only lasts one year, Davis may work well with the Cubs' future plans.

- The rest of the rumors swirling around the Cubs' potential personnel moves revolve around pitching. As far as current Cub players being shopped, reports suggest Hendry was gauging other teams' interest in Tom Gorzelanny at this year's winter meetings. Presumably, Gorz wouldn't be traded unless the Cubs add another pitcher with at least some starting experience to take his spot in the rotation. Speaking of which,

- Brandon Webb appears to be the Cubs' new number one priority now that first base is taken care of for 2011. Webb is rumored to have the Cubs near the top of his list of preferred professional destinations, given the team's proximity to his Kentucky home. It looks like the Cubs will continue to seek out additional information on Webb's health before stepping up their pursuit of him.

- The Cubs have also been mentioned in rumors involving Zack Greinke and Matt Garza, but it doesn't look like Hendry is ready to give up the prospects that would be required to get such a deal done.

So that's what's up. I have a feeling the Cubs will be able to sign Webb as soon as they decide they want him, and I think that's a great move. Perhaps Gorzelanny could then be sent to Texas for either Chris Davis or Darren O'Day. I suppose we'll see.

Will Webb be more Ryan

Will Webb be more Ryan Dempster or Wade Miller?

If the man can get his

If the man can get his shoulder right I have every confidence that he will pwn the NL with his sinker.

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