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It's a Sad Day for all Chicago Cubs.

By now you know that Cub legend Ron Santo passed away last night after slipping into a coma on Wednesday. There are things that hurt in life, but this truly hurt me this morning. I felt sad, not of his passing, but of the unfair nature of his life.

Santo, by all accounts, was a tremendous person and fan. It is something that all people in our society could take from him. He played baseball with pain, while keeping a secret from his teammates. I'm not sure Santo would have been able to deal with playing in today's game, because we know everything about our athletes. I only wish I could have lived to actually see him play, because he was a true joy to listen to on the radio.

Granted, Ron was not the most talented broadcaster, but he was the most honest one I know. He didn't blow smoke, only a few "Oh noos!" and "gosh darnits" when things were bad. Ah, but when things were good it was easy to get lost in his laughter as he brought true sense of excitement every time the Cubs were playing well. Santo had our dream job of being able to root from the press box and not get in trouble. That is something I don't take for granted, because it is frowned upon in most journalism circles. I only wish I could have

Winning a World Series would have been a nice ending for Santo, but those things are hard to come by as we all know far too well. The true tragedy was the fact that the Hall of Fame is missing on the great third baseman's of all time. I get sick just thinking about it today. My guess is that he will get in at some point, but it will feel empty since we will not be able to see the joy on his face.

If you have never seen This Old Cub, it is time for you to go out and find a copy. It will be something that you will never forget. It's a wonderful film for all Cub fans and the best tribute for a man that was one of us. The only difference was he got to wear the uniform that we only dreamed of wearing. Please comment below with your favorite memories as this becomes a day we celebrate the life of a true Cub Fan.

RIP, Ron.

I'm gonna miss you Ron.

I'm gonna miss you Ron.

RIP, Ronnie

I'm just heartbroken this morning. I cannot imagine Cubs' broadcasts without Ron. We were one of those families who always shut off the television and turned on Pat and Ron during games. We will miss him dearly. God bless you, Ronnie. You're running the bases in Heaven now.

I will be making a donation

I will be making a donation to JDRF in Ron's memory. There's no better way I can think to honor a man as great as Ron Santo. Rest soundly, Ron. You've earned it.

This is spot on. Great

This is spot on. Great suggestion.

Somebody as old as I am?

Sounds like we grew up following Ronnie and the Cubs at the same time.

Some other names during that team's heyday were Jose Cardenal, Jim Hickman, Adolpho Philips (who tested out the steel door in the outfield and lost), Joe Pepitone, and Phil Regan (who always seemed to steal games from the starting pitcher by allowing the tying run to score and then pitching himself to the win.)

Kurt W

Yeah, the other Kurt

Thanks Ronnie!!!

I use to work at Wrigley Field and I would see Ron almost every day I worked there. He was an icon of humanity. I saw his day to day interactions with fans, Co-workers, and people in general. He was as real as they get. I willi never forget the first time I met him. I was star struck. I'm like "Wow this is Ron Santo that's so Awesome!" He would always make the time to talk to the Cub Nation and every person ask for an autograph. I remember one time in 2000 he was with someone who had type one really bad and he was in a hurry to leave it was get away day at the park. The man was in a wheel chair and came a far distance to see Ron and was on the move and when the man finally got to Ron it was like the world stopped. All of a sudden nothing I mean nothing mattered to Ron more than that man. They talked like it seemed like it was for hours. Ron gave him his contact info. Ron was a true hero. Thanks Ron. We miss you give us Winner Big guy!

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