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Larry Rothschild and Damn Yankees

In a world where there are no secrets, somehow Larry Rothschild, our pitching coach whom I believe was still under contract, has taken a similar position with the Yankees.  He cites the ubiquitous "family reasons", since the Yanks' spring training home is in his native Tampa, as well as several scheduled Yankee series every year. 

Now, there are those, such as Mike D, who are sipping the bub right now over this news.  Others, such as Al Yellon, are not so pleased.  The Cubs seem to think they will make an announcement about his replacement after Thanksgiving, which means that they have someone in mind.

Dare I dream - the Mad Dog?  I mean, who knows more about pitching than our current special assistant to Jim Hendry? 

I had the same thought, Rob.

I had the same thought, Rob. Don't know if Maddux wants the job, but I think the Cubs have to ask him right?

this stinks

This is just another reason to hate the Yankees, right? Regardless, I think if it's Maddux they have in mind, it seems he could do a great job. He certainly was an incredible pitcher.

Damn Yankees

Greg Maddux does not want the job. The Cubs will fill the job from within (cheaply). I would not expect Ricketts to allow the all the money saved, Lou's, Larry's, or a player salary dump, to be reinvested back into payroll. My guess, very little if any.

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