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Bill James projections at Fangraphs

Greetings, all; I hope your fantasy football teams are doing well.

Today is a good day for baseball, because Fangraphs has recently released its Bill James projection data for 2011. Just go to the player page of your favorite Cub to see how James' system predicts he will perform next year.

Of note:

- Carlos Zambrano is projected to have the staff's best ERA, with a 3.67 over 221 innings. Next is Ryan Dempster at 3.83 over 214, followed by Randy Wells at 4.12 over 201.

- Geovany Soto is projected to be our best hitter, with a .276/.373/.486 -- which is actually worse than he did last season, incredibly. After him, it's Aramis, who's expected to bounce back with a .275/.342/.498.

- In addition to those two, Soriano, Byrd, Colvin, and Castro are all projected as above-average offensive players, with Blake DeWitt projected to be just below average. Castro gets a .310/.359/.428 line from the Bill James system.

- Kosuke Fukudome (.263/.367/.431) is projected to have a better year than Tyler Colvin (.259/.307/.471).

- As for free agent first basemen, they are projected to post the following wRC+ (100 is average): Lance Berkman 143, Adam Dunn 141, Derrek Lee 131, Adam LaRoche 119, Xavier Nady 97.

Please, leave any additional notes you discover in the comments!

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