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All-Time Leaderboard: 20-year-old Shortstops, ranked by OPS+

On July 21, R.J. Anderson wrote an article for Fangraphs that ranked 20-year-old shortstops by OPS+ (OPS+ = OPS / league average OPS, i.e., 120 is 20% above lg avg).

At that point, Starlin Castro had yet to eclipse league average OPS. As of the 21st, The SDC had registered a .774, good for a 95 OPS+. That got him onto the leaderboard, but not exactly at the top.

In the 12 games since then, however, Castro has gone 21-for-51, with five doubles, a triple, and a homer, good for a 1.042 OPS. He now has an .823 OPS for the season.

Thus, for your viewing pleasure, an updated OPS+ leaderboard:

Alex Rodriguez (1996), 160
Arky Vaughan (1932), 113
Starlin Castro (right 'effin now), 112
Jim Fregosi (1962), 109
Jose Reyes (2003), 102
Travis Jackson (1924), 102
Whitey Witt (1916), 100
Garry Templeton (1976), 91

Also courtesy of Fangraphs, here's a link to a graph showing the career outputs of A-Rod, Reyes, Fregosi and Templeton in terms of WAR.

Finally, a quote from R.J.:

"Castro is in good company. Rodriguez is bound to join Vaughan and Jackson in the Hall of Fame, and Fregosi as well as Templeton appeared in numerous All-Star games. Truthfully, there are worse careers to mimic than Witt’s too. Sure, he was out of the league shortly after turning 31, but he appeared in more than 1,130 games and had a career OPS+ of 97."

As they say: Nice.

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