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Reader Blog: I say forfeit the 2nd half & take a better draft pick in 2011

So this is what the highest paid team in the National League looks like; a team 11 games under .500 at 39-50, currently in 4th place, a team that if they're lucky might win 75 games.  Jesus Pete, this team is up a creek without a paddle.  With offensive production coming from nowhere and consistency never present, the cubs are at a point where if they were any other team in baseball they would blow this team up and start to rebuild.  But instead welcome to Chicago where Jim Hendry is still strapped into the Captain's seat flying a plane full of explosives into the side of a mountain while both wings are on fire. 

 I hate to say it, but in terms of contracts&players the guy has run the organization into the ground.  The Cubs are simply saddled with horrible contracts and underproductive players earning money they'll never bring back into the organization.  The team has overpaid for nearly every single FA they have signed in Hendry's time, and almost every player was given a no-trade clause to boot.  At the end of the day the team is left with an overpaid overcrowded outfield, two fading stars at the infield corners, and a former ace who's 3 weeks away from being ready to pitch out of the bullpen - super. 

What sucks is any other organization in baseball would have been able to trade DLee or Aramis to get something of value for either of the two before their contract expires.  Another team would trade a player like Ted Lilly to a contender.  One of the 34 second baseman/utility men could possibly be dealt to a contending team that is dealing with injuries.  Even bullpen arms like Howry or Grabow could be moved to get some younger players.  The cubs are simply amazing; they have money falling out of their asses having the 3rd highest payroll in the game, yet the major league team is awful and they have no minor league system to speak of either.  The team has almost become sort of like K-Mart where I'm not even sure how they exist anymore.

Cub fans have all been given the opportunity to watch a ship sink, with this 2010 version of the team.  The team cannot compete or expect to win, the players that should be traded likely won't be for various reasons, and there are no prospects to be excited about calling up to take a look at in the second half.  There is a large hole already shot straight through 2010, thats not too tough to accept, but its looking beyond this year that gets kind of scary.  The team has an owner, so thats set.  However, Jim Hendry should be sent packing and if Lou Pinella calls it a career that leaves 2 big time openings at the top of the pack.  It would be tough to replace Mickey Mouse and Lou Pinella, but it would be interesting to see someone new get a fresh start at building a different cubs roster.  I like the core that whoever comes next has to build with - Castro, Soto, Colvin, Cashner,&Marmol.  Just please don't let it be RyneBerg is all I ask.

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