Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast (June 27, 2010) Cubs @ White Sox

Well, with Kurt giving up, the team still presses on. Today is a good pitching matchup so fire up the grill, have a dog and a beer and get ready to watch the greatest game in the world. Sometimes it's tough to be Cubs fan, but let's just remember, it's still baseball no matter what.

Today's Matchup: Ryan Dempster (103.2IP, 3.56ERA, 3.91xFIP) vs John Danks (92IP, 3.23ERA, 4.26xFIP)

I've never been a huge fan of Danks who I see as an ok #3 starter on a good team. Dempster is more like an ok #2 starter on a good team and I've become a fan over the past several years. I expect Dempster to pitch well and I expect the Cubs to struggle with Danks, even though they shouldn't.

Who's Hot: Changes, they are a coming, although slowly and not at the level that will please people on this site. Oh, I'm sorry, this is about who's actually playing well on the field. Well, Aramis Ramirez hit a HR yesterday!!! I actually think he's going to have a decent second half, ala Magglio Ordonez last year.

Who's Not: Kosuke is hitting .196/.260/.239 in June. Wow, just wow.

Conclusion: Baseball is a beautiful game so I can find enjoyment in it even when the Cubs are less stellar. Hopefully the rest of you can also. I'm hoping that as the Cubs move on without the Zambrano distraction for the time being, that they can turn it around and win some games. I don't think this team is built to "blow it up" or whatever people like to write so they will continue to drudge on.

I'll probably watch the game today somewhat dispassionately and see what happens. Go Cubs! Avoid the friggin' sweep!

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