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Who's on first, and third, for the Cubs?

Chad Tracy is out, according to the interwebs, to make room for the glorious return of Aramis Ramirez.

Given this most recent development, along with your comments in the ShoutBox, I thought I'd ask:

1) Of the players currently under Cub control, who should start at 1st and 3rd? Does the handedness of the starting pitcher change your answer?

2) Same question for 2011.

3) Same question for 2012.

Have at it, y'all.


1) Lee and Ramirez
2) Some non draft pick compensated cheap one year option free agent and Ramirez
3) Adrian Gonzalez and a Scott Rolen level single season stop gap.

The Cubs need 3 big time players. I think Gonzalez is one of them. The other two are an outfielder (or third baseman) and a #1 starting pitcher. And they will have the payroll room to bring all of those players in if done right.

P.S.-I think Josh Vitters will be the starting 3B in 2013 or thereabouts.

Where are you going to put a

Where are you going to put a big free agent outfielder on a team with Soriano, Colvin, and Brett Jackson? I'm also not sure Vitters' D is going to hold up at third. But I do agree that we will need to make a splash in '12 on a 1B and an ace.

I think

either Colvin or Jackson in center with the big name outfielder in right. I'm looking at Andre Ethier after 2012 or so, who knows. I'm not a believer in Colvin. I don't think he's more than an OK regular longterm. I also think the jury's out on Jackson. I'm hopeful he will be good (I have visions of another Brett, Brett Butler, in my head) but the strikeouts are a concern.

I totally hear you on

I totally hear you on doubting Colvin's star potential based on that K-rate. Scary stuff. But look at this kid! He now leads the team in home runs! And he can hit lefties and righties! And he's super fast!

I've heard Jackson might not stick in center, but Colvin seems to be able to field the position, so maybe it'll be Soriano-Colvin-Jackson across the OF in 2012. (Josh Vitters also sounds more like a LF than a 3B, so who knows where that goes... maybe 1B?)


I have no empirical evidence to support this, but I have a feeling that Vitters is going to end up at first base when its all said and done.

Stork, I'm with ya. I hope

Stork, I'm with ya. I hope he's got the bat to justify his being stashed there, but from what I've read about his defense 3B is not gonna work out.

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