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Reader Blog: A question

With the Cubs and Mariners doing battle until 11:30 and an early morning World Cup game for the U.S., I have just one question in light of Lou Piniella returning to Seattle, where he managed for 10 years, and Milton Bradley being back in the same ballpark as the Cubs.

Who is having a worse year?

  • Lou Piniella

Piniella is the lame duck manager of a team eight games under .500. He usually looks like a homeless person. He answers "What else can I do?" in response to 90 percent of reporters' questions, and yelled at a reporter and at Steve Stone for suggesting he should play Colvin more, and then promised to play Colvin more each time. He was also roundly criticized for moving his highest-paid pitcher to the bullpen (a move I agreed with, but I doubt he takes much solace in that).

  • Milton Bradley

He's batting .214 with a .301 OBP. He's earning $11 million and yet is owned in just 3.6 percent of ESPN fantasy leagues. He spent 13 days on the "restricted list" after admitting he's crazy. He has managed not only to make the Cubs' trade for oh-so-terrible Carlos Silva look good--he's made it look like one of the best trades they've ever made.

Last night's game was a perfect example of Lou and Milton's struggles--the Cubs lost with another meek performance while Bradley went 0-for-3.

Lou is essentially platooning

Lou is essentially platooning Geovany Soto with Koyie Hill. Of all the Piniella decisions we have to be critical of, this is the one that makes me angriest. (Now that Theriot is no longer leading off, that is.) In 196 plate appearances this season, Geo has put up a .386 wOBA at the plate, and has been worth 1.6 WAR. In 80 plate appearances, Hill has managed an atrocious .238 wOBA and has been below replacement level on the season. It is completely insane that Lou keeps trotting Hill out there 3-4 times per week, especially considering that this team features one of the worst offenses in the National League.

So to answer your question, Lou is having the worse season.

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