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Gamecast (June 20, 2010) Angels @ Cubs

Happy Father's Day!!

Yesterday's game was the kind of loss that a team as bad as the one described by many on this blog would expect would happen all the time. It simply hasn't. The Cubs got trounced yesterday so no one was ever frustrated I guess. Cubs are now 8 games under and 8 games back in the Central. It's becoming hard but it's not totally impossible to imagine the Cubs coming back this year. As usual, they need to win today.

Today's Matchup: Joe Saunders (84.1IP, 4.70ERA, 5.44xFIP) vs Carlos Zambrano (47.2IP, 5.66ERA, 4.49xFIP)

Who's Hot: Well, that'd be the Angels. The Angels have scored 20 runs in the first two games of the series and the Cubs either can't get anyone out or they throw the ball into the camera well.

I wanted to also point out the awesome season that Geovany Soto is having and ask a question. Why Lou? I know Koyie Hill is marginally better defensively but Soto is clearly better offensively. Here is Soto's slash line this season: .272/.406/.450. That makes him one of the best offensive catchers in the NL. And the Cubs need offense. For some reason, Soto has had only 28 plate appearances in the month of June. Come on Lou, play this guy!

Who's Not: I'm a big fan of Starlin Castro and any player who can come up and do decently at the major league level at the age of 20 deserves our respect but he's now on a 3 game strikeout streak and quite frankly, I was hoping his contact rate would be much better than the 85% level it is this year. That's about Theriot's contact rate. I'm sure he'll get better and at this point, it is about the future with him, but I guess I was hoping for more than this.

Conclusion: Today is Father's Day and I love baseball. I get to watch as much as I want today and to be honest, I'm only going to be mildly tuning into this game. I do think that the key to Zambrano today is going to be his walks. He's striking people out this year and I think if he can keep his walks below 2 in this game, he will win. Saunders, OTOH, is probably a month or so away from pitching himself out of the Angels' rotation. The Cubs need to help him along today. He simply isn't fooling anyone. Hopefully the Cubs don't get embarrassed by this guy.

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