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Gamecast (June 18, 2010) Angels @ Cubs

Believe it or not, the Cubs aren't quite out of it and could use a victory today and hopefully another series win this weekend. I realize how hard that is to comprehend as bad as this team has played this year. I may be alone on this here but I see this team is more mediocre than bad and even though I doubt they are going anywhere this year, I think they have a run or two in them, call me the eternal optimist I guess.

Today's Matchup: Carlos Silva (74.2IP, 2.89ERA, 3.86xFIP) vs Scott Kazmir (66.2IP, 5.27ERA, 5.30xFIP)

Who's Hot: Silva has allowed 3 ER over his last 21 IP. In those 3 games, he has a K/BB rate of 22/3. Who knew this was what we were getting when we dealt Milton Bradley?!? I'd still trade him but OMG, he's been spectacular.

Who's Not: Derek Lee has a triple slash line of .205/.327/.364 in June. Ouch. It's still probably too soon to put a fork in him but the time to implement A.J.'s Colvin starting fulltime at first base is coming soon.

Conclusion: The Cubs have a 2 game winning streak. The 8 out of 10 or 12 out of 15 or so streak has to come soon or they will be giving up the season. I still think they have something like that in them. They need to win today. That much is obvious.

It just isn't going to

It just isn't going to happen, Sayers.

Every game is unpredictable

Every game is unpredictable that's why you can never tell what will happen. The earth is turning that's why things and circumstances like this is can never be said as early or could be too late. Life is like a game that being played. You have to gain the payments that you invested while making it. I think Cubs are deserving for the victory. Good luck and may the victory land on your way.


You ARE the eternal optimist, Sayers, but don't let anything change that. Hopefully, in a few months you'll be rubbing it in all our faces. Kudos to you.

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