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Series Preview: Oakland Athletics @ Chicago Cubs, June 15-17 2010

I've got to admit it, I like Interleague play.  I like when we have series like this one, where teams you don't normally see come into Wrigley for a few games.  I went to Cubs/Blue Jays game a couple years ago, and it felt special.  It was a bad Blue Jays team, but hey, they don't show up at Wrigley often!  So I have to say, even though the Cubs are brutal, I'm excited for this series.  Cubs and A's.  The 2 teams I liked when I was young.  In fairness I only liked Oakland b/c of the Bash Brothers and because I was like 8 years old at the time.  I grew out of that phase, and quick.

Oakland, after spending time early in the season at the top, or near the top of their division, has scuffled of late, losing their last 3 against their rivals across the Bay, the San Francisco Giants.  They're still just 4 out at the start of play today, and are obviously still putting themselves as in the race, as they acquired Arizona 1B/OF Conor Jackson today.  One has to figure he'll be an option in LF for A's manager Bob Geren.  Late word out of Chicago has Jackson available tonight, even though he's not starting.

The Matchups
*Tonight: Big Z (2-4, 6.05) vs. Trevor Cahill (5-2, 2.91)
Cahill's one of Oakland's good young pitchers, and he's had QS his last 6 times out. He's a righty, and I feel like we're gonna struggle against him.  Z is Z.  This year - ya just don't know what we're gonna get out of him.  I can't imagine we win tonight.  And why are we insistant on starting Koyie Hill every night? 

*Tomorrow: Demp (4-5, 3.74) vs. Gio Gonzalez (6-4, 3.79)
Demp's been a HR machine this year - allowing 13 bombs in 13 starts.  Good news for him, the A's aren't much of a HR team.  Maybe he'll get lucky and the win will be blowing in tomorrow night.  Gio will be making his first start against the Cubs.  He's been pretty good this year, though his command has been a bit wobbly (roughly 4 BB/9).  He had a tough go of it last Friday night against the Giants as well.

*Thursday: First Inning Randy Wells (3-5, 5.15) vs. Dallas Braden (4-6, 3.95)
Interesting matchup here.  I personally think Wells is pitching for his rotation slot on Thursday.  If he flops again, there's a chance the team options him to Iowa, and someone else gets a turn.  I'd assume that guy would be Gorzo, but Jay Jackson at AAA Iowa is an interesting option.  Honestly, it should be Cashner, but we're all about taking our best starting pitching prospect and putting him in the pen, baby!  Great job Cubs!  Idiots.  Braden's best known for his love of the 2-oh-9 and his perfect game earlier this year..but he's been up and down all year.  I know - he's on my fantasy team.  By the time he starts Thursday, he'll be at 8 days between starts due to some left arm soreness, so it'll be worth watching to see if that continues.  He's allowed 11 hits in 2 of his last 3 starts, so this could be a high scoring affair.  Here's to hoping Wells figures his shit out.  I like the kid, honestly.

What conclusions can you have other than we need to win some damn games?  I dont care how, just win some damn games.  Score some runs, don't act like assholes in the field and give those runs away, and be better than those guys in green.  Not hard.  

Go Cubbies.  Keep the faith


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I went back after I wrote

I went back after I wrote this and looked up the game I went to with the Blue Jays.


Holy cow - it's been 5 years. Sure doesnt seem that long ago. Neifi led off that game for us too - shitty.

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