Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Carrie may be on to something here.

Watch me lift content from Carrie Muskat's mailbox (cited with a link, to be fair):

Q: I've heard a lot about D-Lee being traded to the Angels and it got me thinking: Who would be considered our first baseman of the future? I'd like to think I'm very familiar with the Cubs top prospects and I haven't heard a first baseman mentioned among them. -- Chris C., Naperville, IL

A: Maybe it's Tyler Colvin. He played first in high school and at Clemson, and could take over. This is the last year of Lee's contract with the Cubs. He does have a first base mitt.

So that's interesting.

sounds good to me

I'd be ok with giving colvin a look over at first base from time to time. It'd be nice to see his bat in the lineup more often and since it's likely Lee is gone after this year it would be a good idea to see what you have with the kid.

Why not NOW?

What exactly are we waiting for?

On Mully and Hanley

Mully mentioned the Cubs should "Hide" Soriano at 1st. *shivers*

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