Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast (June 13, 2010) White Sox @ Cubs

Well, we're here. Not even I can say the Cubs have any kind of a shot anymore. I mean, I wouldn't say they are completely out of it but they are on the precipise. 8 games under .500 and 8.5 games out. Even if they aren't quite that bad, that is their record and that is where they are as they get ready to try to avoid the sweep of the Chicago White Sox today. I think the things we need to watch for are for the future and not for today. I enjoy baseball so I will continue to enjoy this season but it's fairly obvious this group of Cubs players are pretty much at an end.

Who's Hot: Rumours of potential trades and looking forward to 2011 and beyond. Marlon Byrd has hit .536 in the last week and is starting to look like a potential all star. It's surprising but the Cubs seem to have up to 3 all stars on this team. Byrd is second in the NL in batting average and I keep wondering when his crappy walk rate is going to hurt the Cubs. It hasn't yet.

Who's Not: Kosuke Fukudome is down to a slash line of .276/.370/.453 for the season and has pretty much stopped hitting since the calender turned to May. I think he needs to turn into a quasi part time player and we need to get Colvin up to 5 to 6 starts a week at Fuku expense. Fukudome isn't a bad player. He isn't even a bad regular but the Cubs can't afford to keep sitting Colvin and playing Fuku every day.

Conclusion: Ted Lilly is pitching today and his number of starts for the Cubs is likely to be lessoning. As you see him pitch, realize his time in a Cub uniform is coming to an end and remember how awesome he has been for us the last four years. Let's win this game on ESPN, enjoy the off day and get ready for Jake Fox and the A's.

Look at our little

Look at our little Nostradamus, Sayers. Colvin got the start in RF. I'm with you - let Colvin start in the majors. This season is about letting our young talent develop against MLB pitching. The playoffs are already lost. Kosuke shouldn't be much more than a spot starter/defensive replacement at this point, and I hope that Hendry is shopping him.


Professional moron Phil Rogers made this observation about Tyler Colvin's offense in Monday's Trib:

"He entered Sunday's game hitting .305 with a .964 OPS (on base plus slugging). How good is that?

Albert Pujols is hitting .300 with a .955 OPS."

Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

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