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The Tyler Colvin Thread

Salaries, ages, and potential upside notwithstanding, Tyler Colvin has earned a starting spot in right field against right-handed pitching this season.

This will be the third year in a row that Kosuke Fukudome will be forced to acknowledge his monthly splits if he ever decides to read anything written about his performance so far this season. Allow me to provide those numbers (avg/obp/slg, obvs):

April: .344/.443/.641
May: .253/.348/.367
June (albeit thru 27 ABs): .185/.241/.259

And Colvin's performance:

April: .289/.365/.600
May: .333/.367/.667
June: .304/.360/.522

Of course, I know about .0001% as much as Lou Piniella when it comes to baseball. But Kosuke sure seems to be a known quantity, doesn't he? At least Tyler might have more power.

I encourage everyone to take this opportunity to explain how much better your ideas for the team are than everyone else's.

interesting study idea

I was wondering what is the direct correlation if any of Fukudome's batting average to temperature. If I am not mistaken, Kosuke played almost all of his games in Japan in domes. I was wonder if the heat effects him.

As for your comment about knowing less about baseball than Lou, Steve Stone agrees with you. The Cubs needed a left hand bat with some power, and here he is sitting behind the human whirling dervish. I don't care about Fukudome's OBP. It is a product of his great April.

Oh yeah one little comment: Colvin's batting average is .273 for the month of June.

I took my numbers from Yahoo.

I took my numbers from Yahoo. Where'd you get your .273?



I just looked up the numbers on Yahoo. Looks like ESPN gave him one less hit and one less at bat.


Swap 'em

Why not just swap their roles? I think Kosuke is a valuable player, mostly because of his glove and his OBP but I agree that he should not be taking time away from Colvin. How about this:

Continue to use Colvin as the main backup to Soriano and Byrd. Use Fuku in right field 3 times a week, once moving Colvin to left, once moving him to center, once moving him to the bench. Use Nady vs lefthanders. This will get Colvin 4-6 starts a week while at the same time not completely burying Fukudome.

As the Cubs fade, I think this is exacly how Lou is going to be doing it.

OBPs by month for Kosuke's

OBPs by month for Kosuke's career, starting with April: .438, .383, .319, .350, .347,.318

So maybe he's really not exceptional at getting on base. It is a nice glove, though.

Right now, Lou is continuing to try his best to win games. Once the organization decides that the playoffs are out of reach this season, then Colvin will start more frequently.

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