Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast (June 12, 2010) White Sox @ Cubs

This is a Fox game and thus I will not see it. Maybe that is for the best after yesterday's debacle.

The season's slipping away and once again, Carlos Silva is called upon to keep us barely relevant. So here goes:

Who's Hot: Carlos Silva is 8-0. I don't believe single season records tell us much so let's look at some other things. Silva has a 2.93 ERA which is 16th in the NL. He has a 3.80 xFIP which is tied for 12th in the NL. He has a K/BB ratio of 3.92 which is 3rd in the NL. He is behind only Roy Halladay with 1.6 BB/9. He is pitching great and is likely to make the All Star team.

Who's Not: The Cubs have been putrid on offense this month. Starlin Castro has "led" the way with a .161 batting average with only 1 extra base hit (a double) and 2 unintentional walks for the month. I think the kid needs a couple of days off.

Conclusion: Cubs stink. Carlos Silva doesn't. I expect to win this game. Which probably means we won't.

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