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I'm hope everyone is cool with this but I'm very interested in the draft tonight. I'm going to sending tweets @Sayers40_Cubs but I will also be updating each pick here tonight. The Cubs only have the 16th pick in the draft and I'm very interested in how the draft falls and who the Cubs get tonight. I hope to present each pick with my viewpoint on it. The draft starts in a little over 20 minutes:

Pick One: Washington Nationals

Bryce Harper C CC of Southern Nevada

No Shock. Great player. Will automatically be one of the top 2 or 3 best prospects in baseball once he signs. No Cubs news here until he becomes a free agent in 2018 or so. Smiling

Pick Two: Pittsburgh Pirates

Jameson Taillon P The Woodlands HS (TX)

Nothing to see here. Was never going to drop to Cubs of course. Awesomely talented high school pitcher. Will probably toss a shutout against the Cubs in his debut at the major league level in about 2013.

Pick Three: Baltimore Orioles

Manny Machado SS Brito Private HS(FL)

Good looking high school shortstop. I felt earlier in the year that he might drop to the Cubs but it stopped becoming possible as time went on. He looks like a good player.

Pick Four: Kansas City Royals

Christian Colon SS Cal State Fullerton

I'm quite a bit surprised by this pick. Colon will probably play in the majors but he was a guy I was hoping the Cubs would pass on at #16 and he goes here? Really? His position this high in the draft pushes some of the better players the Cubs can pick back. The Indians will pick between Drew Pomeranz and Chris Sale and we'll go from there.

Pick Five: Cleveland Indians

Drew Pomeranz SP Mississippi

Solid LHP who was thought to be the top college pitcher in the draft. Was never going to the Cubs. With Pomeranz gone, Sale will be the next college pitcher to go. Whomever takes him was probably going to take someone the Cubs would want. Colon makes the rest of the draft interesting.

Pick Six: Arizona Diamondbacks

Barret Loux SP Texas A&M

What? Good hard throwing right hander. I didn't even consider him for the Cubs at 16th. This is a pretty big gamble and surprise by the D'Backs.

Pick Seven: New York Mets

Matt Harvey SP North Carolina

I thought Harvey would come off the board fairly early. It was said the Mets were high on Justin O'Connor but didn't pick him here. Harvey has an awesome arm but has been really inconsistent at times.

Pick Eight: Houston Astros

Delino DeShields 2B? Woodward Academy HS (GA)

Go Astros! Huge overdraft here. I guess they fell in love with this guy. I hate this draft pick for the Astros but love it for the Cubs. Suddenly guys like Zack Cox and Chris Sale become possibilities for the Cubs at 16th.

Pick Nine: San Diego Padres

Karsten Whitson RHP Chipley HS (FL)

Decent right handed pitching prospect. Son of Ed Whitson. (DeSheilds should be obvious above). Whitson has long been thought the second best of a solid high school pitching class. Good pick by Padres. Again, some decent players fall.

Pick Ten: Oakland A's

Michael Choice OF Texas-Arlington

Damn. There goes one of the guys I was hoping would fall to the Cubs. Both Sales are still on the board as well as Cox and O'Connor. six picks until the Cubs.

Pick Eleven: Toronto Blue Jays

Deck McGuire RHP Georgia Tech

Good pitcher. He was being mocked to the Cubs lately. I never thought he'd last that long. Only five more picks until the Cubs and lots of talent still available. '

Pick Twelve: Cincinnati Reds

Yasmani Grandal C Miami(Fl)

Excellent hitting catcher who will probably stay behind the plate. He was becoming a mild possibility for the Cubs. He was thought to be going to Kansas City at 4th overall. I'm a bit surprised they he ends up here.

Pick Thirteen: Chicago White Sox

Chis Sale LHP Florida Gulf Coast

I hate to say this for the White Sox haters but this is a pretty great pick. Awesome thin lefthander was expected to go very high. Ends up here. Would have been a very nice pick for the Cubs at 16.

Pick Fourteen: Milwaukee Brewers

Dylan Covey RHP Manatha HS (CA)

Decent right hander though I didn't think it was possible that the Cubs would draft him. The number of solid players dropping to the Cubs at 16 is growing. I think I'm going to like the Cubs pick.

Pick Fifteen: Texas Rangers

Jake Skole OF Blessed Trinity High School (Ga)

Awesome athelete. Rangers will need to sign him or lose this pick forever. The Cubs have a ton of options now. I'm flabbergasted by the list of player that have fallen here.

Pick Sixteen: Chicago Cubs

Hayden Simpson RHP Southern Arkansas

OMG. I hate this pick a ton. Why the hell did the Cubs just not wait for this guy to fall to the second or even third round? I'm completely pissed right now. This is potentially the worst move the Cubs have made this entire season. This guy better be a solid prospect and show up on prospect lists really quick or else Tim Wiken needs to be drawn and quartered.

Pick Seventeen: Tampa Bay Rays

Josh Sale OF Biship Blanchet HS (WA)

Yeah, this was the guy I wanted. Not sure why the Cubs didn't take him. Sigh....

OK, I know the first round isn't over but I'm spent after that pick by the Cubs. I will try to keep an update on all the Cubs picks tomorrow. That'll be up tomorrow evening. If you want to see all the picks by all teams. Please check out mlb.com

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