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Game Recap June 4: Can't score runs, can't win

Astros 3 Cubs 1

I didn't see the game so if people want to add some insight to this in the comment field, feel free!

Zambrano looked meh, ok. 94. that is the velocity of Z's fastball when he's going good and he has a decent K/BB rate when that happens. Last night, from all reports, he was living at 91 and we do know he had a 3/3 K/BB ratio. I fear that Pineilla may have made Z's a fairly useless pitcher by sending him to bullpen purgatory for a month and a half.

As for the offense, yeah, they got a little unlucky as if you hit 11 flyballs, as the boxscore indicated, of of Paulino, one oughta fly out. But having said that, they are just not hitting right now. There is no easy way to say it. If Aramis Ramirez doesn't pick it up in a big way by the end of June, it will time to start seriously considering sunk costs with him and release him. I'm not saying I will be favor of that and I love Aramis for what he has done for the Cubs these last seven years but really, Aramis? .158? Come on man!

It's as simple as this. The Cubs' pitching and run prevention has been stellar and their offense, a league average unit, has been less than that. You need to score to win, even if your pitching is on a roll. Get them today boys!

Piniella and Z

Let me say this; I think Z's stint in the bullpen has very little to do with his outing last night (which actually wasn't that bad). The excuses for why this guy isn't a good starting pitcher are running out...

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