Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Cubs Pitching: Finalized -- for now.

Multiple reports have Gorz 'pen-bound, with Wells sticking to the rotation. I would imagine the team doesn't want four lefties in the bullpen, so that means James Russell is likely on his way to Iowa, with Jeff Stevens sticking around with the big league team.

And after yesterday's performance, I guess Carlos Silva is now the staff ace? That gives us a rotation of Silva, Demp, Lilly, Z, and Wells.

And in the 'pen: Howry. Grabow. Gorz. Stevens. Cashner. Marshall. Marmol.

Finally, guys in Iowa that have appeared in the bigs this season: Russell. Berg. Caridad. Gray. Samardzija. John Gaub probably isn't too far behind from making an appearance, either.

But seriously, nobody wants to make a trade with the Cubs? Don't we have the depth to do something?

I can't imagine Russell being

I can't imagine Russell being sent down. He's just too good. I understand that there are no other viable lefties but maybe Hendry will finally learn to cut his losses and Designate Grabow

Not a chance in hell. Cutting

Not a chance in hell. Cutting Grabow would be the kind of admission of incompetence that could cost Hendry his job. He's not going to place his neck in the noose.

We can all have our hopes and

We can all have our hopes and dreams. But you have to remember that Lou gets a say, and he's obviously been impressed by Russell, so I doubt he gets sent down.

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