Goatriders of the Apocalypse

If this offends anyone I'll take it down.

That is all.

Let me just say: My daughter

Let me just say:

My daughter is 12, an avid birder, and a vegetarian (3 years while her mom and I continue to eat meat). And she laughed out loud.

Good deal.

Good deal.



Golf clap

Bravo! Good show, old chap!

..but...but... why is that

..but...but... why is that cardinal sleeping on the road? WHY WON'T IT GET UP!?! SOMEBODY MAKE IT WAKE UP BEFORE A CAR HITS IT!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I've Notified PETA Already

You guys are soooooooo funny... I hope you all know that's the State Bird of ILLINOIS!

I have decided to

I have decided to begrudgingly accept the first part of your comment, and totally ignore the latter portion. Win win win.

The logical

The logical side of me thinks this is going to be a hard series and we'll be lucky to get out of it with one win and I'd take that.....

The emotional side of me says LET'S BEAT THE TAR OUT OF THESE GUYS!!!!!!!!

Good post AJ

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