Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast: May 22, 2010 - Cubs @ Rangers

Randy Wells (3-2, 4.13) vs. Derek Holland (2-0, 2.38)

Randy Wells heads back to the mound hoping for better run support than he's been provided recently, or better than what the Cubs provided Theodore Lilly last night.  In his last start Monday night against the Rox, Wells went 6 2/3 strong, but Grabow predictably shit away the lead in the 8th, before some 11th inning Aramis Ramirez (??) heroics landed the Cubbies a W.  Speaking of Ramirez, he's back in the lineup tonight after a sore thumb has limited him the past couple games.  Problem is, he's DH'ing.  This bothers me.  If he's not healthy enough to play 3rd, then I don't want him DH'ing.  I'd rather see someone like Tyler Colvin in the lineup instead.  What's wrong with Colvin in LF and Soriano DH'ing?  That seems to make more sense.  But instead sore-thumbed and limp-batted Aramis will be back in the middle of the lineup to continue his season long funk.  Eff that.

Opposing Wells will be Derek Holland, a young lefty who had a very up and down rookie season in 2009.  After dominating in AAA to start the season, the Rangers called up Holland a week and a half ago, and he's rewarded that call with 2 good starts.  We'll see if that continues tonight.

Who's Hot
Starlin continues to rake even though he can't seem to find a consistent spot in the lineup..having batted 8th, 2nd, 7th, and 9th in the last 4 games.  His average on the season sits at .365, and that one miserable game aside, I've been 100% in favor of the kid's play.  He's exciting, and any reason to get excited about the 2010 Cubs (read: Not Bullet Bob Howry) is a good thing.  Also hot has been the starting pitching.  We've seen a string of nice starts in a row, and having Wells continue that would be terrific.

Who's Not
Derrek Lee: 2 for 19 his last 5 games.  It's been a bad season honestly.  At least he's still drawing walks.
Geo Soto: 2 weeks ago, Geo was hitting .362.  Today it's .280.  At least he's still drawing walks.

That's it from here.  As usual, I'd sure like a GD win tonight.  Anyone else still alive and quasi-optimistic out there?  I'd love to know I'm not alone.


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