Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Friday Update

The Cubs have had a very good and somwhat lucky week. Here is where they stand:

Cubs current record: 19-23

Cubs expected record: 20-22

Cubs runs scored: 192 runs, 4.57 per game, 9th in NL

Cubs wOBA standing: .336, 6th in NL, expected runs 203.

Cubs ERA: 4.29 10th in NL

Cubs RA: 4.71 10th in NL

Cubs xFIP: 4.01 3rd in NL

The Cubs luck is beginning to even out since I last reported this. My guess is, they probably should be about 23-19 or 24-18 right now. BTW, when Ramirez and Lee start hitting it should allow all these hitting numbers to increase. I'm hopeful about the next month. We aren't out of it yet. As of now, I believe we are going to make it to 85 wins. I'll try to leave one of these reports every Friday before the weekend.

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