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Reader Blog: Howry reuniting with Cubs?

Reliever Bob Howry was recently released by the Diamondbacks, and word on the street is that the Cubs might reach out to him. Howry, of course, pitched for the Cubs from 2006-2008 before heading to the Giants in '09 and then Arizona this year. He was released after posting a 10.67 ERA in 14 appearances.

My immediate reaction upon hearing that the Cubs might sign Howry was two parts disgust and one part anger. A 36-year-old retread who couldn't even keep a job in the Diamondbacks' bullpen, which is the worst in the league by far? Jeez, Hendry, how desperate are you?

But then I remembered: Hendry is very desperate. As he should be. Cubs relievers sport a 4.95 ERA, and Sean Marshall, James Russell and Carlos Marmol are the only relievers I feel good about (perhaps because they're the only relievers with ERAs under six). The Cubs can sign Howry for about $280,000, otherwise known as "nothing" in the baseball world. It's a low risk, potentially high reward move. If Howry makes two or three appearances and sucks ... well, that's probably what Esmailin Caridad or John Grabow would have done anyway. And if he pitches well ... then Jeff Gray or Jeff Stevens can head back to the minors where they belong.

I don't expect much from Howry if the Cubs do in fact sign him. But recall that Jim Edmonds was hitting .178 with one home run and six RBI when he was cut by the Padres in 2008. With the Cubs, he put up a .343 OBP and 20 homers.

No one knows for sure what kind of numbers Howry could put up with the Cubs. But we do know that he'll play for next-to-nothing and that we don't have a whole lot of reliable options in our bullpen at the moment. Go ahead, Jim, take a shot.

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85 year old Cub fan Ernie Wittrock

Ernie Wittrock is an 85 year old World War II veteran from Elgin who is a life long Cubs fan. He is one of the 10 finalists at


It's a Way of life contest

If Ernie gets enough Elginites and others to vote for him he will be able to throw out the first pitch at a game in June After filming his 2 minute video at Wrigley Field with the other 9 finalists on the way out he started up a rousing rendition of Take Me Out To The Ball Game that the others joined in singing. He is hoping he will be able to sing at 7th inning stretch

These days Ernie only has about 25% of his eyesight. I hope he will be able to see the day when the Cubs let him throw the first pitch and also sing at 7th inning stretch

As he was on a Destroyer in World War II when the Cubs won the pennant in 1945 I bet in his wildest dreams he could not imagine that some day he would be so close to being able to throw out the first pitch at a ball game.

You can vote up to 10 times and I put it on my wife's face book page and have been emailing to get my friends to vote for Ernie.

On his video you see how he says Yahooo! when the Cubs win a game.

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