Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Who should be removed from the rotation for Zambrano?

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Visitorsort iconVote
AJ WalshCarlos Silva
AnnoCatuliPray for injury?
AugieOjeda4LyfeLeave Z in bullpen
Billygoat_Chica...Tom Gorzelanny
BrandonLeave Z in bullpen
ChronicCubTom Gorzelanny
EddieCarlos Silva
ElliotTom Gorzelanny
GeorgeLeave Z in bullpen
ItsGonnaHappenTom Gorzelanny
J-DogLeave Z in bullpen
KurtTom Gorzelanny
MadisoncubaholicLeave Z in bullpen
PsyMarPray for injury?
RobRandy Wells
Sayers40Randy Wells
Steve Goodmans GhostLeave Z in bullpen
Swami BillLeave Z in bullpen
bmmurphyTom Gorzelanny
cme12eLeave Z in bullpen

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