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Pitching News and Questions

Um, Bob Howry? Really? Howry has gotten worse since he left the Cubs. Don't let the 3.39 ERA for the Giants fool you. Howry is a massive fly ball pitcher who has a diminishing K rate and seems to have lost the control he once possessed. This is a bad signing Hendry. I'd rather they call up Jay Jackson or Andrew Cashner.

Speaking of Jackson, the Cubs have an embarrassment of riches in #2 and #3 type starters. Right now, they have the following pitchers I would categorize as likely #2 guys:

Ryan Dempster
Ted Lilly
Carlos Zambrano

And the following pitchers I would categorize as #3 guys:

Tom Gorzelanny
Randy Wells
Carlos Silva (at least for now)

Also the following pitchers are potentially in this same boat:

Sean Marshall
Jay Jackson
Andrew Cashner

Now for whatever reason, Jackson has been pitching in relief in Iowa but realistically the Cubs are really just missing a real #1 starter in order to have what is quite possibly the best rotation in baseball. #1 starters are usually hard to find but it's an interesting problem to have.

This begs the question. Who the Hell goes back to the bullpen when a certain large, bat weilding Venezuelen re-enters the rotation? Certainly not Gorzelanny who continues to pitch his brains out. You can't take Silva out of the rotation. Dempster is not a good choice as he's pretty much now spent 2 and a quarter years as the Cubs nominal ace. Lilly doesn't seem right. Either does Wells. I have no clue. I don't think the powers that be on the Cubs have a clue either. They almost seem to be hoping for an injury or for one of these pitchers to blow up but that just isn't happening.

Cashner & Jackson are plusses

Why is Jackson & Cashner not up in place of Berg & Gray. As to who goes out, right now its the team's toughest decision but I do know moving Big Z was a mistake. Lou & Larry fooled the fans after a short 3 day experiment but in all reality it was a very poor decision that could haunt the team chemistry of the pitching staff.
I like Ricketts involvement with the fans but to let Hendry keep making the decisions of the future of the Cubs is not a very smart move. Tom, your the top dog so come out with a big bark & place some pressure on your employees. Change is needed.
You realized that with Wrigley Field, now realize that with the team you own, the Cubs. The fans deserve a "true Cub leader" up top so be one. You bought this team, the #1 fan base in the nation, you owe them for their loyalty. Sometimes in this business you have to make tough decisions. Hendry is not a good baseball decision man and Maddux would be a better pitching coach than Rothschild. Enough said, good luck !!!!!!!!

If Wells's development

If Wells's development continues on its current path, he'll be a "#2" starter by the end of the year. He put up a FIP of 3.88 next year, although his xFIP was half a run higher. This season, in limited action, he has a FIP below 3 and an xFIP of 3.47. Simply put, he's been awesome.

A new nickname for Hendry

Finally, we have one that I think could stick. At least in my house Hendry will be called "Bad Sign."

Honestly, this news has ruined my day: a Cubs fan living in Philadelphia the day AFTER the Cubs spank the Phillies 4-1 and my day is already effing ruined. Thanks so much, effing Bad Sign.


I couldn't believe it at first, but then I thought: our bullpen is so freakin' bad, what's wrong with taking a flier on a guy? If Howry pitches poorly two or three times ... well, that's probably what would have happened if Caridad or Berg went out there anyways. And if he does well, great!

I doubt he'll contribute the way Jim Edmonds did in '08, but remember that he was awful when San Diego let him go as well.

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