Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The Cubs they are a changin'.

(Please don't hate me for that headline. It just happened. I'M SORRY.)

Ken Rosenthal thinks the Cubs might be better off firing Lou (too lazy to link). And I believe our recent poll here at GROTA supports his belief that the team might be better off without him.

Aside from his ongoing batting-order fail, Lou seems to just straight up not care about what's going on with the team. Here's some recent examples, several of which have already been talked about plenty at this here blog:

- Like it or not, Z is in the 'pen. And he's there to pitch the eighth inning when we're winning, to set up Marmol. So where was he in yesterday's game?

- At the beginning of the season, the Cubs said Tyler Colvin would get regular playing time, somewhere in the neighborhood of two starts a week. Where has Colvin been lately?

- Ryan Dempster threw over 120 pitches in his last start. Doesn't that kinda seem like a lot? I'm curious to see how he does in his next appearance.

This kind of crap makes me think that Lou and Jim Hendry and Tom Ricketts are not on the same page at all. And only one of those three guys owns this team, so maybe he should find some employees that actually listen to what he says and act on his decisions.


I agree 100% with the Z quandry. I had an open mind about him at the beginning of this experiment but it seems likely that my plan (let him pitch 4-6 high leverage innings per week... maybe even allow the Cubs to reduce their bullpen to 11 guys) was never the teams idea and he is just wasting away in the bullpen with real role to speak of.

I don't know who I'd drop from the rotation for him but he's likely the Cubs second best pitcher behind Dempster and he probably needs to go back in to the rotation. None of the options are good here.

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