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Reader Blog: Why I don't like the Starlin Castro Promotion

The Cubs have promoted top prospect Starlin Castro. I'm sure this means the Cubs intend to turn over the keys to SS to him full time. I really can't stand this decision. Castro is Twenty years old, and he has played only 32 (albeit dominant) games at the AA level. A promotion is warranted, but to Iowa.

I fear that the Cubs are rushing Castro.What's worse, I think they are doing so out of a misguided sense of self preservation. Calling up Castro buys Cruller Jim some time because it will pacify parts of the fanbase. This is a dangerous situation. A lot of those same fans will now give Castro the 2010 "savior" label. He can't live up to that label because no one can. There are simply too many holes on this squad. So if Castro doesn't explode out of the gate, the drunks WILL get on him.

Then there's Lou. I like Lou Piniella a lot, but his handling of Felix Pie was indefensible. Pie never had a fair shot because Lou didn't give him one. If Castro is with the big league squad, he should be starting, at SS, almost every single game. Anything less and he's better off getting full time AB's in Des Moines. I don't trust Piniella to give him those AB's if he struggles initially.

Finally there's the 'future' of the franchise. 2010 is sunk. This is not a playoff team. Adding Castro doesn't make it a playoff team. So why are we playing games with his service time? Give him a full year to split between Tenn and Iowa. Call him up in September when rosters expand and start him with Theriot at 2B. Give him another month in AAA in 2011, and then he gets the call, to stay, right around May 1st.

This team is not built to win this season. I'd like them to do everything possible to ensure that they will be built to win in the future. Right now, the Cubs are wrongly focused on the short term. Bad move.


I agree Eddie. I have believed in the past that the Cubs should not fire Hendry during the season but I have changed my mind.

Still, I do think Castro is going to be a really good major league hitter. I look forward to seeing him play. But if it were me, I'd have sent him to AAA.

2010, I fear, is probably lost, even though I believe the Cardinals have chinks in their armour. Still, I consider the rushing of Castro to be a small mistake. Ultimately, Castro is going to be the Cubs' shortstop for a long, long time.

Agree 100% with everything

Agree 100% with everything you said (in fact, said basically the same thing myself earlier elsewhere) and especially the Pie stuff!

And whats worse, its a lose-lose situation. Right now he is exploding out of the gate - and that isn't good either. It only further raises expectations, taking them from the roof to orbit. We know this especially isn't the type of hitter he is, but this is probably what the crowd already expects anyway - and definitely will now. Already you couldn't go anywhere without hearing his name, with most everyone excited to see him today. Now its going to get ten thousand times worse tomorrow, and its setting itself up as possibility a gigantic disaster.

I just don't like it, at all. Not the move itself of course, eventually it was going to happen and be for the better of the club. But the timing is horrific. This is a move that should be done once we have given up on the season for good and work towards a bit of a rebuilding for the future. Not in a time we are trying to act like we are still contenders, as if somehow the missing link in our 2010 run was a 20 year old shortstop...

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